Home Entertainment Disney criticizes Scarlett Johansson’s complaint

Disney criticizes Scarlett Johansson’s complaint

Disney criticizes Scarlett Johansson's complaint

LOS ANGELES (EFE) – Disney has criticized the complaint Scarlett Johansson filed against her for the theatrical and online premiere of “Black Widow” (2021) and accused the actress of ignoring the extraordinary context of the coronavirus pandemic Was.

Disney said the breach of contract lawsuit had “no basis.”

“Their brutal disregard for the dire, prolonged and global effects of the coronavirus pandemic is sad and worrying,” he said.

“Disney fulfills Johansson’s contract. The premiere of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney+ expanded her potential to earn more than the $20 million additional compensation received so far with premium access,” he said.

Johansson sued Disney for breach of contract.