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Disney announces new live action of ‘Snow White’; this is all you need to know

The live action of Disney movies are here to stay and they are not going to stop for a very long time since during the D23 Expo The projects that will be released in the next 2023 were announced, surprising more than one.

titles like Mufasa, The Little Mermaid and Disenchanted will take place very soon on movie screens, as well as within the Disney Plus streaming platform, but one of the names that caught the most attention was that of Snow White which will feature its version in live action, news that divided opinions among the public.

‘Mufasa: The Lion King’, the new Disney movie that will hit theaters

Snow White is probably the most important movie for Disney since it represented the leap to world fame for the production company, so this live action production will mean a risk for the company.

When will Snow White be released?

The new installment of Snow White It will hit theaters around the world sometime in 2024. It will feature Gal Gadot as the villain and Rachel Zegler in the lead role.

The film, which will be directed by Marc Webb, will also feature Greta Gerwig and Erin Cressida Wilson on the screenplay. In the musical and sound section we will have the duo of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, renowned composers behind the music of La La Land Y The Greatest Showman.

“It was very different from anything I’ve ever done before,” Gadot said of the role of the Evil Queen. “I’m used to playing the other extreme. She’s the world’s first and most iconic villain.”

“I haven’t seen any of the movie yet, but the Old Witch transition took us four hours in a makeup chair,” the actress told Variety.

Zegler and Gadot were present to advance some details of the remake. “Snow White is the girl you remember, but she is definitely made for the modern age,” Zegler told the audience. “There is some emphasis on being the ‘fairest of them all.'”


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