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Diego Maradona: born to annoy

Diego Maradona: born to annoy

This Thursday, November 25, at 11 p.m., Public Television remembers Diego Armando Maradona one year after his death, with a special program with Miguel Rep e special guests of sport, literature, music and society.

The cartoonist Miguel Rep will dialogue with them and, based on drawings made especially for the program, proposes a reflection from their own sensations.

Among the guests will participate the sports journalist and soccer player Ayelén Pujol, the player and technical director of La Nuestra Fútbol Feminista Villa 31 Mónica Santino, the president of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo Estela Barnes de Carlotto, the writer and musician Alejandro Dolina, the journalist and writer Daniel Dátola, and the writer and screenwriter Pedro Saborido.

The Fallen Idol.  An Image Of Diego Maradona In The Unforgettable Quarter-Final Match In Mexico 86, Against England.  Reuters Photo

The fallen idol. An image of Diego Maradona in the unforgettable quarter-final match in Mexico 86, against England. Reuters photo

Diego Maradona’s reactions “They hurt both FIFA, the Vatican, and politicians or the traditional family. It was an annoying bumblebee and irritated many. But beware, always depending on the media, “says Miguel Repiso (Rep).

The renowned cartoonist and graphic humorist adds that “Diego is full of images and words and these change depending on the trajectory of his life. In the world, Maradona is more popular than Jesus and the Beatles. That’s why I made that comparison. “

Other tributes

The Cartoonist Miguel Rep Presents On Public Tv &Quot;Diego Maradona&Quot;, Born To Annoy &Quot;.

The cartoonist Miguel Rep presents on Public TV “Diego Maradona”, born to annoy “.

On the screen of Elnueve, also at 23 o’clock, the last episode of Intimate Diego: sacred dream, with the leadership of the journalist Gonzalo Bonadeo. This cycle was produced by the channel especially for this date and was broadcast throughout the week.

On DirecTV GO, and also at 23:00, the documentary will be broadcast Diego Maradona, from Asif kapadia. The British filmmaker of Indian descent collected more than 500 hours of unpublished audiovisual material and interviews with Diego Maradona, especially during his stay in Naples.

For its part, Amazon Prime Video will have the latest chapter available from the first season of the series Maradona: blessed dream. This revealed the most intimate and dark aspects of the life of the 10 from his childhood until he became the soccer star we know today.

Diego Maradona, As Coach Of Gymnastics And Fencing Of La Plata.  His Last Contact With Professional Football.

Diego Maradona, as coach of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata. His last contact with professional football.

Two documentaries about Diego will be available on HBO Max, while Star + will have available Beyond Diego, a new documentary series that reviews his life and how he became a worldwide phenomenon.

Also on Star + you can see Maradona confidential, a National Geographic documentary produced in Italy.

Rapporteurs remembering

And from zero on Thursday until midnight on the application or on the Rapporteurs website there will be a special live program. The production will feature different segments of the most important rapporteurs in the country, added to the participation of athletes and musicians who will remember 10.

To this is added the flood of books that were published on Diego Maradona a year after his death. From comic strips to essays, various authors analyze his health, his mythical construction, his career.

Among the many options stands out Diego from within, written by Fernando Signorini, who was his friend and physical trainer.


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