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Diego Luna returns with ‘Andor’; “it has the same range of freedom that we had in the movie”

In 2016 Diego Luna amazed the world with his portrayal of Cassian Andor in the film rogue one, a prequel to the first Star Wars trilogy (episodes IV, V, and VI). However, many of us thought that we would never hear from the character again for reasons that the tape seemed to explain. We were wrong: seeing Diego face to face to talk about it was a delight beyond this galaxy.

“This is the closest we’ve been in about three years, and it’s been three or four interviews,” Diego said, excited because we are finally talking about Andor, the long-awaited Star Wars series in which he stars, and of which he is also an executive producer.

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We’ve talked about different topics, and frankly, I have no idea how Diego separates them in his head, it’s incredible.

The care taken in the development of each of the characters in the series is incredible, did you want it to be something unique?

Yes, it is the interesting thing about the long format of a series like this. Because in movies it’s super difficult to go deep to this level and be that detailed. And I feel that, in particular, the characters of rogue one they needed this, or at least Cassian, because he ends up helping you understand how the movie happens. rogue one it’s about a specific event, you understand the circumstance, the urgency, but not the reason why they do what they do.

Is it the prequel of the prequel thoroughly?

Andor It will lead us to analyze all that. So yes. It is about that, about what is forging a character so that one day he decides to be willing to sacrifice his life for a cause. And this is what leads you there to leave everything for the rebellion.

Even in the logo you can already see the outlines of what the resistance will be like, as an executive producer, were you also part of those decisions?

Yes. The only way to get involved in a project like this is to do it from the beginning. He is a character that I know very well and, above all, it is a sensitivity that we share as a team. I mean the series has the same range of freedom that we had in the movie. Let’s say rogue one it is something that goes by itself, a stand alone, the opportunity to be something by itself.

rogue one you can watch the series without knowing anything about Star Wars, is Andor the same?

The film may be different in tone. The same is happening in the other series of starwars, This is how it happens with ours, only this one does have a very clear beginning and end. An ending that everyone knows. It’s only five years beforeand Rogue One where everything happens, and when we get to the beginning of the film, we have a responsibility to be different.

While still being fantasy, there is a very different rootedness to realism in the narrative, as if it were a place that I could actually inhabit. Is that what they wanted for the public?

Of course, we wanted a reality closer to the public that is going to see us. And although this does happen in a galaxy far away, it must be very similar to the things that happen in your existence. The spaces must feel that they have life, that they are used. The community must exist. The referents are to the world we inhabit; I hope that happens with the public. Also, the series can have a darker tone: it can be a spy thriller or a political one. Obviously it has to have this bombast and sense of adventure and action that it has. starwars, and then you can go to a more intimate tone. Like the scenes with the actress Fiona Shaw, which remind me of a cinema with a lot of dialogue; lots of back and forth.

Because they had us very used to the melodrama type: “I am your father”, but here it feels much more real.

Exactly, and it has a lot of daily life. How do you talk in the kitchen with someone in your family; that’s what we were looking for. The acting tone is also somewhat realistic, and visually we did something to make it an experience that reminds you of the love and patience with which a film is made.


Without abusing special effects?

Totally, it’s about choosing the moments. Tony Gilroy is like that. Imagine, Bourne wrote. And that’s it, he knows how to navigate different emotions.

Other directors include Beau Willimon (House of Cards). I imagine the intrigue he is capable of on screen

Sure, all of it. There are a lot of people here who have so much to bring to the world of Star Wars, which aren’t necessarily the picks you’d imagine going for the world of sci-fi. The same thing happened with Rogue One, when they announced the cast people said: “How?”. It moved me a lot, it was a big bet, but none of us who were there had anything in our filmography, not even of the genre, or of that dimension. We worked in a smaller, more intimate theater. And suddenly, the idea was to bring that tone to the world of Star Wars.

Even when they require the resource of breaking the tension with comedy, instead of using only droids, for example, they go to games until Shakespearian.

The series is full of winks, small notes also for a more mature audience. Today the public is very diverse in generational and cultural terms. I think of my father’s generation and my son’s; we can afford to go to all those audiences at the same time.


Cast Diego is accompanied by actors of the stature of Stellan Skarskard, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, Genevieve O’Reilly and Denise Gough. Not long to go The first season has twelve chapters and can be seen from September 21 on Disney + What it’s about The series places Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) on a decaying industrial planet where the inhabitants survive by searching and repairing junk, and where discontent simmers with the fascist Empire. The story takes place in the galaxy’s capital, Coruscant, where the young Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) tries to fulfill her duties as senator while she supports the rebels.


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