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Diego Luna Premier Series - El Diario de Yucatana

Directs “Everything Will Be Alright” to a Forum

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- Diego Luna returns to direct the Netflix series “Everything Is Going to Be Fine”, a story starring Flavio Medina and Lucia Medina in which they explore concepts that hitherto seemed immovable in society .

“Everything is changing. Human relationships are changing and even the family, one of the oldest institutions, has rediscovered itself. Change seems to be our only certainty”, statement released by the platform announces.

Romantic love, gender roles, monogamous relationships and marriage are some of the topics with which Diego Luna intends to initiate a discussion through drama and comedy, which have a plot set in Mexico City.

Luna is depicted discussing various social issues. The most recent of them is “Pan y Circo” (2020), a series written and produced by her in which she highlights various views on the climate crisis, drug trafficking, feminist struggle and migrants.

The series earned him three Daytime Emmy nominations for Best Entertainment Program in Spanish, Best Talent in a Spanish Language Program and Best Editing.

This came as an incentive to continue working on the second season of “Pan y Circo”, which he co-founded with Amazon Prime Video and the production house La Corriente del Golfo, founded by him and his friend Gael García Bernal. was.

Now, Luna is in her last film “Mr. Pig” (2016).

“Everything Will Be Alright” is a Netflix Original production that will arrive in 119 countries on August 20.