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Diego Boneta’s girlfriend, Renata Notani, shows off her journey in the Yucatecan cenote

Renata Notni

The actress, who has been recording a film in Merida since the beginning of July, finally got a taste of living in the city.

Tekit.- renata noteni, actress of various televisa soap operas and Actor Diego Boneta’s girlfriend, “Luis Miguel, the protagonist of the series” shared on social networks Your stay in a senate in Tekit, Municipality of Mérida, Yucatán.

The actress not only surprised her fans show a body statue And an unmatched natural beauty, it also caused awe as it will be the first time the actress shows her stay in the state.

Earlier, his co-stars, such as Aislinn Derbez or Gil Cereso he shared Photo with actress in some city ​​point, However, she was very secretive about showing her location.

but The beauty of Yucatan Cenote would have done so Boneta’s girlfriend not protest show place In which he was enjoying his day off recording.

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everything is beautiful

The actress used her Instagram account to share it with her followers many pictures in which shown The beauty of Cenote Emile Located in Tekit, Yucatan.

the pictures shown swimming And the place was splendidly praised by her, as the actress wears an alluring body in a tiny bikini. even though it beauty that spreads They make the whole scene a beautiful picture. Renata did not elaborate on his visit to the place, but he did highlight how beautiful it is.

via Instagram stories acelin derbez, how did it know that Renata went to the Senate in the company of singers Gil Cereso, Eugenio Derbez’s daughter and granddaughter, Aislin’s sister and a few others.

Thanks also to those posts by Aislin last weekend, we were able to see all activities they did in your stay In Tekit.

Specially renata noteni has been in Merida since July 13, when she was captured Aislin Derbez and Renata Nautnik Paseo de Montejo some . recording in Scenes from the movie “Karma ka dosh kya hai”“Produced by Netflix.

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