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Diego Boneta remembers when he took guitar lessons with Tom Cruise

Diego Boneta was 15 years old and close to acting The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, “They did a casting in Mexico City, they took me to Los Angeles to try. It was my first audition for a feature film and my first audition, period… it was the middle ben barnes and me”.

Barnes eventually landed the role, but the experience prompted Mexico City-raised Boneta to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood. as he reminds Diversity, “I’ve been trying to get more auditions for Mexican movies for years, and they didn’t want to see me because they’re like ‘No, you don’t look mexican enough,

His First Time in Rock of Ages

Diego Boneta, in his biggest breakthrough: featuring as Luis Miguel.

Diego Boneta, in his biggest breakthrough: featuring as Luis Miguel.

Her last name was first heard in 2012 while working with Tom CruiseAlec Baldwin and Julianne Hough Director Adam Shankman’s Musical Romance rock of Ages, “Tom put me under his wing,” he told the same outlet.we take guitar lessons together…so we jammed together several times.”

Boneta appeared later scream queen You Terminator: Dark Fate, But if we’re writing this cute Guitar Story This is because his name was revealed in the lead role luis miguelo,

Now there’s more: Bonetta, already a star who can buy a mansion for three million dollars, goes to Broadway. It is known that he starred in a revival of approx. avoid About three years ago, but the matter was yet to be seen due to agenda issues. For the future? “It could be, yes, it’s on my wish list,” he says.

father of the BrideHis last significant role, was a huge success for hbo max, Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan Play the role of a couple on the verge of divorce whose daughter is a lawyer (adriana arjona) announces that she and her boyfriend (Bonetta) are getting married and are moving to Mexico to work for a non-profit organization.

Isabella Merced and Chloe Fineman complete the cast. “It was Gaz Alazaraki, Our wonderful director, who called me and said, ‘Diego, I’m directing a new version of father of the Bride,

“In the beginning,” he said Diversity“I was a little skeptical because it’s a very classic film from the version of Spencer Tracy until the remake of Steve Martin,

Tom Cruise, in "Rock of Ages", where Diego Boneta was under his wing.

Tom Cruise, in “Rock of Ages”, where Diego Boneta was under his wing.

“But then I read the script and realized it’s a completely different film. There’s a divorce between Gloria’s character and Andy’s role, which is a big difference from the other movies. I didn’t want to be in a new version. of, ‘Oh, it’s the same movie, but it’s a new Latin version.'”

Gloria Estefan, Almost a GodmotherI

Boneta and Estefan get along very well. “You could say she became something like my godmother.” So much, Diego? “Look, working with him in the film was everything and so much more. He is so humble, so classy and disciplined…”

would you be joking? “I was ready to do” get your hands dirty To do whatever was required of the role. It was really wonderful to see. She never complains about anything. We could communicate at 4 a.m. and the next day, she was the first to reach the recording set. Very professional, inspiring. He is a force to be reckoned with.”


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