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Diego Boneta denies problems with alcohol after videos singing in a bar: “It is important to relax”

After Diego Bonet was caught singing songs by Frank Sinatra and Luis Miguel with some drinks on top, the actor denied having problems with alcohol, this during a meeting with several reporters, which was taken up by Windowing.

“No, not at all, zero alcohol problems”Said the famous man, who received much criticism after the recordings in TikTok where he sings in a way that Internet users described as “horrible”.

Luis Miguel, is that you? Diego Boneta is caught “singing horrible” in a restaurant

It was a night where I was with my friends in a bar, I see a microphone and I get up to sing. There is no one to stop me!” Boneta clarified.

He also acknowledged that “The tequilas betrayed me, but others did turn out well for me and those were not uploadedThat’s why I said: ‘Why don’t the others go up?’”.

“I wasn’t working, it wasn’t a concert, I was with my friends having a good time, too it is important to relax”, he highlighted.

Finally, the actor said that will soon launch its own tequila: “I hope that in September, for the national holidays, he will not be called Diego Boneta.”

“It’s a Mexican tequila made in Atotonilco, we have our own distillery, I’ve been doing this for two years now, several tests, because I’m a big tequila fan, as you could see in that video. It is the best tequila I have ever tasted,” he added.


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