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Diego Boneta defended himself against criticism for singing drunk in karaoke: “It was not a concert”

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(Photos: Twitter/IG diego)

Diego Bonet was again involved in controversy recently after being caught in a karaoke interpreting detuned form a song. Thus, in the face of harsh criticism and comparisons with Luis Miguelthe actor broke the silence and defended himself once and for all.

It was during a meeting with the media at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) where the celebrity who played the Sun of Mexico during the three seasons of Luis Miguel: The series, He pointed out that on that occasion he was just having a good time.

“I think the tequilas betrayed me with that Frank Sinatra song, but the truth is that I was having a good time with my friends”he began to say.

In that sense, Boneta pointed out that since it was a meeting of friendship, he was not focused on hitting all the notes, so it seemed strange to him that netizens lashed out at him and only showed the embarrassing moment.

“It wasn’t a concert. it was nothing, yesand it made me curious because they didn’t release the other songs that did turn out well for me and as for the theme of Luis miguel, they are songs that I have been listening to all my life. At 12 years old I sang The girl in the blue bikini and I’m not going to stop singing and listening to those songs,” he said.

Regarding the constant comparisons made with the interpreter of hits like Now you can go, you know one thing either The unconditional, Diego stressed that the character didn’t buy it and that he is a real person.

“Let them see the father of the bride and tell me if you see Luis Miguel there or not. The one who sings those songs has nothing to do with the detachment of the characterare songs that I enjoy and that I have enjoyed 16 years before doing the series”, he remarked.

In addition, Diego Boneta commented that his career is currently focusing more on the acting side, but he did not rule out that music is within his future prospects.

“I would love to have a clone and be able to do everything, right now I am very focused on my production company and we are developing several projects with my career as an actor. The reality is that I am super busy, but the music always ends up sneaking in one way or another,” he said.

The video of Diego Boneta singing badly

Videos circulate on the internet of the protagonist of the father of the bride (2022), Passion, love and death (2021) and Alegrijes and Rebujos (2003) surrounded by people in a nightclub. In the images you can see the somewhat disheveled Mexican artist wearing a shirt with a Hawaiian print and, while with one hand he grabbed a microphone to interpret the English version of My waywith the other he held a glass.

The actor joins Amazon (Photo: Instagram/@diego)
The actor joins Amazon (Photo: Instagram/@diego)

People who listened to the live performance weren’t the only ones surprised.because as soon as the videos flooded the social networks, the Users criticized Diego Boneta for his out of tune.

“The face of the guy from behind”. “He stayed with the personality and character of Luis Miguel”. “Someone tell Diego Boneta that he is not Luis Miguel”. “The difference between a great and an average singer.” “No Auto-tune”. “He believed that it was really Luis Miguel.” “It’s not Luis Miguel, simple as that.” “I was tired of being related to the Mikyl series!! he made it ”, were some reactions.


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