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Die Antwoord’s adopted son accuses them of sexual abuse and exploitation

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Die Antwoord is a group of musicians always surrounded by controversy, apart from their peculiar style, both have been involved in various scandals, but now, sHer adopted son accused her of alleged sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

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Where did Die Antwoord’s son expose the alleged sexual abuse?

In this way, the The South African duo have been accused by their son. Although this story is not well known, Yolandi Visser and Nija adopted an eight-year-old boy named Gabriel “Tokkie” du Preez and appeared in some of the group’s videos.

But it wasn’t the only one Years later, they also adopted their sister and were joined by their only son that the couple had biologically.

But today, April 27th, ‘Tokkie’ accused Die Antwoord of physical and sexual abuse, Alongside the exploitation and in a 44-minute interview with the former film director who worked with the South African group, Ben Jay Crossman.

Now, “Tokkie” is 20 years oldmentioned that Nija and Yolandi they adopted him “as a slave” and he accuses them of sexually abusing him.

“They made me feel like they didn’t really love me,” said “Tokkie,” who now lives in Johannesburg.

The Antwoord forced ‘Tokkie’ to undress in front of them

According to the interview, the abuses and exploitation by The answer began when he was allegedly forced to record videos showing his family ‘Tokyo’ be poor

In accordance with dupreez, He suffers from a rare skin condition called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which is described by members of the The answer.

In addition, the boy stated that he suffered physical, sexual and verbal violence while living with him Yolandi and Nijasince they made him undress in front of them every time they bought them new clothes, and when they didn’t they scolded him.

Next, ‘Tokyo’ revealed that Yolandi was once naked and apparently drunk. He then asked her to go into a room to be by his side.

“The worst part was seeing my supposed mother or adoptive mother naked in a room, drunk (…) and wanting me to spend time with her (…) I found that very disturbing. She was spread-legged like the (sex)doll I had in my room,” she added.

Next,“Tokkie” du Preez mentioned that his sister was also forced into this type of actThey were also taken to a private clinic to have their blood drawn as part of an alleged ritual.

Finally, ‘Tokkie’ accused the couple of also offering him drugshe was exposed to pornography and given sex toys on a number of occasions.

Despite this, Die Antwoord rejected these allegations. and they pledged that if the alleged defamation they are being subjected to persists, they will take legal action.

Reference from lanoticia

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