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Didn’t you see it complete? Canal Once will broadcast ‘Soy tu fan’

Didn’t you see the whole series? With the euphoria for the next premiere of the film ‘I’m your fan‘, the Channel eleven decided to update all the followers and give them a new opportunity to remember what was the last broadcast of this mexican series.

On the other hand, you will be able to remember not only the last episode, but also the first and even finish the whole series again without having to pay for a service. streaming and this is what we know.

In addition, we also just had confirmation from the actors about the third season of this production, however we still do not know when the premiere will be.

Surprise! Actors confirm that there will be a third season of ‘Soy tu fan’

Where to see ‘I’m your fan’?

If you are a follower of this great series we have great news for you and that is that you will be able to see All the chapters before the movie is released and here we tell you where, when and what time.

The production of ‘Soy tu fan’ belongs to Canal Onceso the Institute confirmed that the series will be broadcast from August 31 to September 7.


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You have to pay close attention because from said days until the day before the premiere, Channel Eleven’s TikTok will be in charge of transmitting between 1 and 3 episodes so you can finish watching the series.

The date on his TikTok channel is o’clock 9:05 p.m.however, if you do not reach this transmission, remember that in Youtube you can see the chapters whenever you want since, very few knew, Eleven also uploaded them for a while, so no feel free to search the list of videos and get started.

Remember that you have an appointment with

Nico and Charlie ‘Peanuts’

the following September 8 in all movie theaters in Mexico to discover after

10 years what happened between them.


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