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Diddy delivers hilarious, inspiring opening monologue at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards

Sean “Diddy” Combs started the 2022 Billboard Music Awards from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday with a positive, uplifting monologue — albeit still throwing a bit of shade at Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

Towards the end of her inaugural speech, Didi joked about how the entire show is conducted in a spirit of freedom and unbridled fun. However, he also gave a little warning.

“If you’re feeling a little froggy tonight, don’t feel froggy, but if you’re feeling a little froggy and you decide to jump on this platform here tonight, I suggest your affairs in order. Yes,” said Didi. Slight laughter. “And I say that with love I say that with ultimate and ultimate love.”

Jokes aside, the great music mogul/producer/rapper did double duty on Sunday night’s show, both producing and executive producing this year’s awards show.

He explained that he didn’t see himself as an awards show host, but “vibe curator, frequency elevator, Black Brother Thunder, The Chocolate Boy Wonder. They call me Sister, but you can call me Love!”

And he used his time on stage to celebrate what the show really is.

He shared, “Tonight is special, though very, very special, because we all have a second chance at life. That’s the message I’ve really come here to bring.” “There’s a lot going on in the world and we’ve really got a second chance at life, I think now that the world is open, sometimes we take things lightly, you know, and so tonight we’re going to celebrate.” Going like we got a second chance at life here.”

“We’re going to celebrate this as a chance to do better and to be able to grow it up and be able to celebrate each other,” he continued. “Because you all know we’re blessed to be here, we woke up this morning, and that’s the biggest miracle you can ask for.”

The hosting duty of Bad Boy Boss comes exactly 25 years after he took his first BBMAs in 1997 for his multi-platinum album, no way,

Combs also teased his return to music following news of his historic record deal. The rapper announced earlier this week that he is launching an R&B-focused music label, Love Records, with the backing of classic label Motown.

“Love Records” will be dedicated to R&B music and releasing solo and collaborative projects from a group of world-class artists, producers and songwriters, Combs said in a press statement.

The Billboard Music Awards airs Sunday, May 15 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on NBC. The show will be telecast live on Peacock.

For more on the big winners at this year’s show, check out the full list here!

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