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Did you recognize it? ‘My Poor Little Angel’ Actor Appears on Better Call Saul Episode

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After more than 6 years of waiting, finally one of the most anticipated episodes in the entire series starring Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul and had many surprises that were well received by fans.

One of the most anticipated moments by all fans it was the return of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul giving life to the iconic characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman but they were not the only actors who returned for this episode.

During part of the chapter titled ‘Breaking bad’, we could once again appreciate Saul Goodman doing what he does best, looking for victims to make them fall into a trap.

The iconic lawyer protagonist of the series invited strangers to drink until they were drunk to send them to his house and then steal their identity and get a good amount of money after selling them. His first victim was Alfred Hawthorne Hill, did his face look familiar to you?

Surely the face of this character has become recognizable to you, because this time it is not just another fill-in actor, but rather he was interpreted by Devin Ratray, a 45-year-old actor who appeared in the first two films of My poor angel.

Devin Ratray

Devin is the actor who gave life to Buzz McCallister, the older brother who always bothered Kevin in the movies. and who now had a short participation in Better Call Saul.

Buzz McCallister was also present in the new film from My poor angel which premiered on Disney + during 2021 and which starred Archie Yachts.


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