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Did you know? María Félix and Silvia Pinal advertised one of the most famous soaps in Mexico

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Currently, Rosa Venus soap is one of the best known products from Mexico, being a pink bar that you can find in motels. Nevertheless, this well-known cosmetic was promoted by famous divas of the Cine de Oro.

As very few know, Rosa Venus soap is a 100% Mexican product that was born in the 1950s, right during the heyday of the Mexican Golden Cinemawhere the biggest stars in the country were the ones who appeared on the big screen.

The Rosa Venus soap factory was founded in 1920 by Esteban González Padilla, who was dedicated to making different cleaning products for the family, and although today it is known by memes, it is actually a product that comes from tradition.

The publicity made by divas of the Cine de Oro

Thanks to the promotion of Rosa Venus by famous actresses, the pink soap became one of the most loved products by Mexican families, acquiring different sizes and presentations over the years.

The actresses who lent their image to promote this product, were:

  • Maria Felix
  • Silvia Pinal
  • Natalie Wood
  • Silvia Derbez

Also, Some actresses benefited from promoting Mexican brands, such as the case of María Félix and Silvia Pinalsince their appearance in other formats different from the cinema, helped them grow their fame nationally and internationally.

Since 1950, the La Corona company that gave rise to Rosa Venus soap, sought to offer a quality product at a fair price and that is why the slogan said: “A soap as good as the others, but at a fair price”.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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