Did Luis Miguel and Veronica Castro have an affair?

Rumors indicated that “El Sol” may have tried to win Veronica Castro with a costly jewel.

MEXICO. — It seems that Luis Miguel Not only would i be based His enmity with Cristian Castro For the success of the music that “Gallito Feliz” did after the release of “No Two”. Recent rumors suggest that in addition to Daisy Fuente, “Mickey” may have tried to win over Veronica Castro.

Some international media have reported that Luis Miguel may also have had an affair with Veronica Castro And that would be the real reason why Christian and he don’t get along. In “Revenge” Christian brings down “Daisy Fuentes”.

Cristian Castro’s ex-wife “reveals a great secret”

Gabriela Bo, Whatever it was Cristian Castro’s ex-wifeHe told in an event called “El Nueva Argentina” that Cristian Castro told him that there was a story between his mother and Luis Miguel.

“I know something happened to Luis Miguel, Something happened between them (Veronica castro And El Sol) and him (Cristian Castro) As revenge she goes out with daisy funtes And with Sophia Vergara and all those who could […] He told me something in private, A situation with a friend, something happened to the mother but I don’t know what it was And I don’t know if it was him (Luis Miguel), “Gabriel told in an interview in 2018.

Vero Castro’s close friends confirm the “rumor”

Mitji, Famous fashion designers and close friends of celebrities such as Veronica Castro told at the “Suleta La Sopa” event that “Luis Mi” tried to win over Veronica Castro by giving her an expensive ring.

“Luis Miguel had a boyfriend and He brought her a ring as a gift Whoops! I don’t know at what cost, but it was a ring that was a good gift, “the designer explained.

Mitzi also commented that Vero Repeatedly rejected And they returned gifts to Luis Miguel. Also, the driver always kept in mind that it is 17 years older than that. Vero would say: Hey, but how? I can be your mother.

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