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Did Lolita Cortés have two children with her stepbrother? This is Sergio Romeo.

MEXICO CITY.- Lolita Cortes, also known as “The Iron Judge”, she has always been known for her scathing criticism of the contestants in which she acts as a critic. Unlike other celebrities, she is usually away from scandals, in addition to always He tries to keep his personal life private, but a “secret” has recently been uncovered that has caused a stir.

Did Lolita Cortés have two children with her stepbrother? This is Sergio Romeo.

Perhaps there were few who knew that courteous lolita He has two children that he procreated with sergio romowho to the surprise of many is his stepbrother.

has been the same Lolita Cortes, who has said in several interviews that during his childhood he was excited to see his stepbrother, Likewise, “The Iron Judge” has stated that she liked him, but after the separation of her parents, Lolita stopped seeing Sergio Romo, since he lived in Monterrey and she in Mexico City.

It should be noted that Ricardo Cortés (the judge’s father) was married to Dolores JimenezLolita’s mother, but the marriage ended when Dolores found Ricardo being unfaithful to her with Alma Muriel (Sergio’s mother).

However, in 1989, courteous lolita traveled to Monterrey for the tour of the play ‘Qué plantón!’ Y met again with Sergio Romo, but they only had a sporadic encounter.

However, after some time sergio romo he moved to Mexico City and began his relationship with Lolita Cortés, but secretly. Some nights, Sergio even stayed to sleep with courteous lolitawho lived with her mother, but she did not know about this “relationship”.

Although Dolores Jimenez ended up finding out, and refused to allow Lolita to have a relationship with her stepbrother, but in the end she agreed.

During their relationship, sergio romo worked in the marketing area at Coca-Cola Export, due to this courteous lolita He moved from Mexico City to Puebla (where Romo was forced to move) in order to see his partner. At that time, Lolita got pregnant with her first child and paused his career momentarily, but this caused him to become depressed.

lolita cuts She had her second daughter and some time later she decided to resume her career. In 1997, he returned to the stage to be part of the Disney play, ‘Beauty and the Beast’; by that time the couple was so focused on their careers that they finally decided to separate.

Notably, Lolita Cortes and Sergio Romo never They got married even though their step brother He asked for it several times.

Currently, step Brothers They maintain a friendly relationship of which their children Mariano and Dariana are very proud.

Did Lolita Cortés really have a romantic relationship with her stepbrother?

Although the statement that Lolita Cortes and Sergio Romo they had a sentimental relationship despite being stepbrothers, the reality is that they were not as such, because Sergio is the son of the actress Alma Muriel and the businessman Serge Romeo. Therefore, Ricardo Cortés, the father of “The Iron Judge”, became his stepfather until he started dating Alma.

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