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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Did José Ramón Fernández die?

  • Did the sports driver pass away?
  • Companions carried a coffin with his name for a singular reason
  • They reveal what motivated people to carry the coffin

THEY LOADED WITH ‘THEIR COFFIN’! After an era where Mexican television was enveloped with the affection of José Ramón Fernández at the head of sports, after 16 years the reason why his companions carried a coffin in his honor was revealed, after firing one of his companions outstanding in the world of sport.

Years later, the issue continues to arise and there are people who have confused the action of the television company and its colleagues before the departure of the television presenter, José Ramón Fernández. Likewise, that “scandal” ended up reviving with the comments made by David Faitelson, another important sports journalist, who has an “eternal fight” against the presenter.



One of the latest rumors that have emerged is the death of the journalist specializing in sports, José Ramón Fernández. Said rumor began to increase when the story of Fernández’s alleged coffin reappeared on social networks. But, what happens is that this event happened 16 years ago and no, the presenter did not die.

After a decade, Faitelson’s comments revived the moment when one of the most important chains in Mexico “said goodbye” to an era of sports, with José Ramón Fernández. The event occurred in 2006 and to this day it is still remembered as one of the strangest moments on Mexican television.

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