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Monday, September 26, 2022

Did Jesus Sonqui sense his death?

  • Suspicious image comes to light
  • The representative’s social networks gave an ‘important’ clue
  • It had a ‘tragic’ end

The death of the Mexican musical representative known in the entertainment industry as ‘El Sonqui’, continues to give something to talk about, and that is that while authorities continue to clarify the case, in the social networks of the now deceased there is an ‘important clue’, Jesus? Sonqui sensed his death? Here we tell you the details.

It was the morning of last Monday, September 12, 2022, when authorities from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, confirmed the death of Jesús Armando Sonqui, an important and renowned musical promoter of Mexican regional music.

The music promoter was killed while dining at a street food stall

The music promoter was killed while dining at a street food stall

According to details of The Sun of HermosilloJesús Sonqui was preparing to have dinner at a street food stall, when he was surprised by a group of men who detonated their weapons against him, likewise it is presumed that in the ‘tragedy’ he was with ‘Sonqui’ Edgar Ochoa , singer and former member of La Academia 2022.

While the authorities carry out the pertinent investigations, attention has been drawn on social networks by a peculiar ‘clue’ found in one of the two Instagram profiles of the music promoter, it is a photograph that prompts the question: Did Jesus Sonqui sense his death?

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