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Did he make him arrive out of the closet? Edwin Luna talks about the trans design who stars in his new new music video clip

  • Did it bring about you challenges in your marriage to Kimberly Flores?
  • Singer Edwin Luna talks about the trans product who stars in his new music video
  • Jaylin Castellanos, did you make the chief of La Trakalosa de Monterrey appear out of the closet?

“God is not a concealer of sin.” The singer Edwin Luna, chief of La Trakalosa de Monterrey, is concerned in a single extra controversy just after he spoke about Jaylin Castellanos, the trans design who stars in his new new music video, in the middle of the are living software. Did it bring about complications in his marriage to Kimberly Flores?

So considerably, the video of this musical theme, called El 30 de Febrero and which premiered on July 22, has far more than 6 million views and all types of reviews, most of them congratulating the artist for his magnificent efficiency and for acquiring incorporated a trans product, despite the fact that many suspect the choices of the artist born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, in Mexico.

Edwin Luna, have you appear out of the closet nonetheless?

Edwin Luna, have you come out of the closet yet?

Edwin Luna not long ago created an appointment on the Initially Hand program of Image Amusementled by Gustavo Adolfo Infante (who has been on everyone’s lips right after the confrontation he had with his companions Ana María Alvarado and Joana Vega-Biestro), to speak about various subject areas, a person of them the launch of his single On February 30 .

“This tune is carrying out fantastic, which by the way, I have been asked why we made the final decision to put Jaylin Castellanos in the movie. It really is the very first regional Mexican online video, I believe, wherever the design is a trans design, and why did I do it? Simply because my spouse (Kimberly Flores) manufactured the determination to do a sequence of interviews for her networks and there she commented that an artist from the regional had hired her because of how wonderful she looked on her networks, and when she arrived, she realized that it was a trans design, and physically and verbally assaulted her.”

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