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Did Eugenio Derbez die? This is what we know after his operation

  • Rumors of the alleged death of Eugenio Derbez come to light
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A couple of days ago the unfortunate news was released that Eugenio Derbez would be surgically inverted for a “complicated” accident, that’s how his own wife Alessandra Rosaldo described it. However, through social networks the question has spread: Did Eugenio Derbez die? , this is what we know after his operation.

It was last Monday, August 29, that the news broke that Eugenio Derbez was going through a complicated moment of health, this through a statement revealed by his wife, the Mexican singer and actress Alessandra Rosaldo, where he asked his followers and friends They will send you good energy.

Did Eugenio Derbez die?

Did Eugenio Derbez die?

However, the rumors did not hesitate to come out, because his wife, by not giving all the details, some media outlets or users on social networks began to investigate further and identify what the “accident” that would cause the operation to Eugenio was specifically about. .

One of the first pieces of information that was ‘leaked’ was issued by Javier Ceriani, presenter of the entertainment program “gossip not like“, which expressed that the 60-year-old comedian had injured his shoulder while playing a virtual reality video game, breaking his arm in several places after making a bad move.

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