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Did Cesia insult Lolita Cortés? They filter controversial video of the winner of ‘The Academy’

cesia was the winner of The academy. The young woman of Honduran origin took the recognition of the reality show of Aztec TV. However, just hours after be crowned champion, her name is already involved in controversy. And it is that in social networks They shared a video in which I was allegedly caught speaking ill of Lolita Cortés.

It was through social networks where a video began to go viral in which the young woman from The academy She was allegedly caught speaking ill of the iron judge Lolita Cortés. What did she say she? Did she insult you?

Cesia is the winner of The Academy 2022: “It’s a dream come true”

According to what was shown in the clip that has gone viral, Nelson, Mar, Rubí and Cesia talked about one of Lolita Cortés’s stunning outfits. But what did they say about the critics? Nelson mentioned that Lolita had scared him because of the makeup she used on her, in which she looked much smaller than her.

For her part, Mar said that she smiled at Lolita Cortés, although the judge was tough. However, the one who launched the strongest criticism was Cesia, since she allegedly launched an insult against her.

“What a culer…she’s crazy”, would be the insult launched by Lolita Cortés.

Given the opinion, Rubí asks that he not say that and Nelson jokes with what could happen after the signal:

“Don’t say that,” Ruby said.

“After a while Yahir sends BTR Cesia insults Lolita,” added Nelson.

As expected, the clip went viral and caused outrage among some Internet users. But Did Cesia insult Lolita Cortés? Despite the controversy, some argue that Cesia said “cool” and not “culera” as they claim on social networks.


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