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Did Aracely Arámbula finish Fernando Colunga because of Luis Miguel?

  • Aracely and Fernando shared credits in soap operas
  • They affirm that ‘La Chule’ ended with the actor to hang out with Luis Miguel
  • Did the singer force her to quit?

Mexican actress Aracely Arámbula returned a few weeks ago to the small screen for the new adaptation of “La Madrasta”. Fernando Colunga has been away from soap operas, but he will also return with Ana Brenda Contreras.

A few years ago Colunga and Arámbula starred together in a telenovela called “Hug me very tight”, where many assure that both fell in love and began a relationship. However, Aracely married Luis Miguel some time later.

They fell in love?

They fell in love?

It was in the year 2000 when ‘Abrázame muy fuerte’ was broadcast on television, and said telenovela not only captivated the public because of its story, but also because of the couple that Aracely and Fernando made, since they showed great chemistry, which is why even They became boyfriends in real life.

Shortly after the recordings of the Televisa soap opera began, the rumor arose that the two had started a romance which seemed to be very serious. Everyone said that the chemistry they both had was “incomparable” to what they had had with other interpreters.

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