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Did Adela Noriega reappear? They viralize the image that they assure is the actress of Televisa; this we know

Do you remember Adela Noriega? The actress of Televisa has generated over the years mystery about his absence from the cameras. And it is that for 13 years almost nothing is known about the protagonist of successful soap operas such as “Alborada”, “Quinceañera”, “Amor real” and “El Manantial”.

Knowing almost nothing about his private life, much has been said about it. Some claimed that the famous woman lived abroad, others speculated that she lived in Polanco and that she had even had a son by a powerful politician. However, between dimes and diretes, a video recently came to light in which the famous woman was allegedly seen. Will she return to television? Does she go back to the middle? Will she make a new novel?

Through social networks, a video has gone viral in which he allegedly appears Adela Noriega sporting an athletic figure and much younger than how he used to look in his famous novels.


Also, in the clip it looks like Adela Noriega He was getting ready to record something. However, it is unknown if she is actually the actress, because for many she is not the famous one, because she looks extremely young. Some even assured that perhaps she is Marlene Favelaan actress with whom they have compared for a long time.

Even a fan account revealed that it is all about an application that can edit and falsify the identity of people:

“I regret to inform you that it is a “DeepFake” video, a technology based on Artificial Intelligence that manages to superimpose the face of one person on that of another and falsify their gestures.”

In 2018, Gustavo Adolfo Infante revealed that Adela Noriega actually lives in Polanco, in Mexico City:

“Out of respect for your individuality and your privacy I will not say where, I know what building you live in. She is engaged in real estate. She has a real estate company and she has land and she has apartments and she has houses. I think she does not go out anywhere, she is not seen in restaurants, shopping malls, anywhere “, the journalist said.

Adela Noriega began her career in 1984. In TV soaps has a long history with its successful stake protagonist What “Quinceañera”, “Sweet Challenge”, “Real Love”, “The Privilege of Loving” and “Fire in the Blood”.


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