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‘Diary of a Future President’ stars on Season 2 and the intriguing finale to the finale (exclusive)

'Diary of a Future President' stars on Season 2 and the intriguing finale to the finale (exclusive)

Spoiler alert! If you have not watched season 2 of Diary of a future president, particulars of the ultimate are included.

Future president Elena Cañero-Reed is able to be a frontrunner – in her faculty.

Disney + Diary of a future president just lately dropped her second season, which continues the origin story of Elena (Tess Romero) because the 13-year-old Cuban American enters seventh grade and recounts her journey via excerpts from her diary, tracing the ups and downs and faculty downs as she begins her path to turning into President of the US (performed by government producer Gina Rodriguez). As Elena embarks on her new mission – to be elected a Pupil Consultant – the theme of discovering your voice (and find out how to use it) intertwines with everybody’s tales this yr.

“Each character grows a little in their own way,” designer Ilana Peña instructed ET. “On the finish of Season 1, Elena realized, ‘I could possibly be a frontrunner. “In Season 2, she learns what it means to be a leader and ultimately, that it’s not about her. She learns to use her voice and her power for good.”

“On the other hand, Bobby is also learning to use his voice, but he learns in a whole different way,” notes Peña. “Bobby had his personal revelation about his id and his sexuality, however Bobby is not a personality who shares rather a lot. Bobby is not a personality who’s tremendous weak with himself or with the folks he loves. In Season 2 these partitions begin to come down and he learns the significance of utilizing his voice and learns the worth that comes with it. They each study to make use of their voices in numerous methods. “

For the actors, having two seasons to their credit to live in the skin of their characters has them much more in phase with their respective courses.

“Elena is rising up this season,” Romero told ET of Elena’s trip, adding that she was personally “linked to her altering dynamic together with her mom.” “Same how Tess and Bobby’s relationship evolves. As my sister and I get older, we still fight and we are still mean to each other, but we talk to each other more about our lives and have grown closer as we grow older. . “

“With the Bobby and Elena relationship, I can undoubtedly relate to that as a result of after we have been youthful my brother and I argued much more and we pissed off one another. Now we have actually developed a friendship. I imply , he is my greatest buddy. I really feel like that is what occurs with Bobby and Elena in season 2, “co-star Charlie Bushnell, who plays Elena’s older brother, told AND. “Bobby is de facto attempting to determine who he’s and each teenager can relate to that as a result of each teenager tries to determine who he’s.”

Whereas Elena’s want to be elected as a seventh-graders consultant is bumpy and fraught with challenges (she wonders if the coed bureau is true for her), Romero credit the teachings her character learns all through the method as a revelation for her to lastly go all-in.

“She’s gradually realizing why she’s doing this, all the right things, and why she wants to run as a student representative and be a leader in the first place,” the actress mentioned. “Then she comes back to it and she fights really hard for this position because she thinks she can do a lot of good and help a lot of people. It was really cool watching her travel in that regard.”

Even though the public knows that Elena eventually becomes President of the United States, “It’s really interesting how she gets there,” said Peña.

As the series is loosely based on her own life, Peña admits “it reflects my own journey as a showrunner and as a leader.” “I didn’t come into season 2 with the boldness with which Elena entered seventh grade, but I was learning this is how you are a boss, every voice is valuable, uplift those around you , you are only as good as your co-workers, ”she mirrored.“ We have been writing these classes in order that Elena would study them too. And that is one thing I did not actually anticipate – that my very own journey displays Elena a lot. Now I see his future extra clearly as a result of I’ve taken on a management function myself. So his path is forming as my path is forming. “

Diary Of A Future President
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On the opposite facet, Bobby embarks on a poignant but highly effective journey, as he involves phrases together with his sexuality in Season 2, ultimately reaching a spot the place he feels snug and secure to speak in confidence to Elena, to household and pals. self the truest. Bushnell mentioned the Season 1 finale, the place Bobby struggled to inform his buddy and teammate, Liam (Brandon Severs), his true emotions for him, marked “the start of Bobby’s journey.”

“Particularly in that final mirror scene within the final episode of Season 1, when he comes out on his personal and he is like, ‘I am cool with this. That is who I’m, “” Bushnell remembers. “We’re undoubtedly exploring this extra in Season 2 and like Elena he has excessive expectations for highschool and issues do not end up the best way he hoped. In these scenes the place Bobby is being sincere together with his emotions with Elena and [his mom] Gabi and opening as much as them, I actually needed this to be as reasonable, truthful and significant as attainable. Earlier than filming these scenes, a number of the crew shared their popping out tales with me and it was very useful to listen to their experiences. I am so grateful to Ilana Peña and Gina and everybody for giving me the chance to play this character and inform this story. “

Within the sophomore finale, Bobby has a date together with his crush, CJ (Donovin Miller), and the 2 share a candy kiss. “Bobby is just super comfortable with who he is and he’s proud of who he is and he definitely is, as you can see in episodes 2×05 and 2×09, he’s very open with his feelings,” Bushnell mentioned. . “His story is so vital as a result of there are such a lot of youngsters on the earth who’re like Bobby, going via one thing just like Bobby and for them to observe this present and see themselves in character and really feel proven on the display, it is superb. “

Peña adds: “It was really meaningful to weave Bobby into finding his voice with his coming out because these are both meaningful journeys for him and they inform each other. comfortable opening up that he could open up to who he was. We really tried to guide his journey with that. He wasn’t going to tell anyone until he was ready to talk. I think his sister was a big part of that, his mom, Sam, but also CJ and Liam and his friends. He had a supportive environment to grow up and he thrived. “

Certain, Diary of a future president ends the season with just a few unfastened threads – first, with the seventh-year election outcomes. Has Elena been elected pupil consultant? His enigmatic response to the telephone name could be learn in a number of methods.

“Your guess is as good as mine!” Romero mentioned. “The writers don’t even know if she won or not. If season 3 happens, let’s keep our fingers crossed then we can figure out what happened to Elena. I’m glad she got to this point. . It’s very exciting. Actually, when we shot this, I did about a thousand takes of just, ‘Wait, what?’ ‘Wait what?’ ‘Wait what?’ Gina was standing next to the camera and shouting, “You won! ‘You lost!’ “Cardi B just gave you a thousand dollars!” ‘Wait what?’ “

Not to mention the potential triangle that is forming between Bobby, CJ, and Liam now that Liam is aware of Bobby’s feelings for him. “Oh, that was a doozy,” Peña says of the revelation Easter egg. “I hope people keep watching. There is so much more we can do.”

Season 2 of Diary of a future president is now streaming on Disney +. To study extra, watch under.

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