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Diane Kruger reveals the name of her and Norman Reedus’ daughter — and the meaning behind it

Diane Kruger reveals the name of her and Norman Reedus' daughter — and the meaning behind it

The actress also shares the meaning behind her 3-year-old child's name.

Not a secret anymore! Three years later, Diane Kruger finally revealed the name of her and Norman Reedus’ daughter.

Kruger and Reedus chose a Nova Tennessee name for their baby boy, and the 45-year-old actress opens up about the powerful meaning behind it in anticipation of her new children’s book, a name from the sky,

“I had him late in life, at age 42, and [Norman] was a kid when he was very young,” she recounts people, “‘Nova’ in Latin means new beginnings, and a nova star keeps on changing and is reborn. And we love Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains; we take motorcycle trips there.”

According to the details of Kruger’s new book, the actress shares how the meaning of her name — which was unusual in Germany where she grew up — inspired her love for animals and made her explore other passions growing up. Gave the permission to.

The description reads, “This warm and relatable autobiographical story comes full circle when Diane explains how she chose her daughter’s name, and invites readers to learn the meaning behind her name and discover her special powers. Did.” “Illustrated in a classic storybook style by prolific artist Krista Unzner, this book will certainly create wonder as it inspires children to follow their dreams and passions.”

Kruger tells people That Nova has helped him see life in a new light. “A lot of things at my age, you’ve done a thousand times, but just seeing it through his eyes again,” she giggles. “Whether it’s eating ice cream for the first time or seeing snow for the first time, there’s something so refreshing and simple about that life as a mother and daughter that I just found fabulous.”

As far as the motherhood visit is concerned, it all did not go as planned. ,[Nova] There was a surprise,” she shares. “I thought it wasn’t going to happen, and it came into my life when I was ready. I am grateful for what happened to me and our family. He has changed the way I see the world and everything I do.”

While Kruger and Reedus are extremely private about their family life, they have given some adorable glimpses of their daughter on social media in the past. In April, the 53-year-old actor shared an adorable picture of himself coloring with the baby, who was also enjoying a cup of Cheerio.

Meanwhile, Kruger shared a video of Nova performing karate in March in honor of International Women’s Day.

“To my little girl, who has already begun to break down barriers…” she wrote.. “May you be the kindest, kindest, most ambitious, most inquisitive woman ever.”

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