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Diana Bracho will receive the Ariel de Oro for her acting career

Due to her fruitful career in the cinema, the actress Diana Bracho (Mexico City, 1944) will receive the Golden Ariel in the next edition of the awards given by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC).

At the ceremony on October 11, the writer will also receive said trophy, which symbolizes the work of excellence that a member of the industry has achieved in his career.

Diana Bracho says that Yolanda Andrade “scolded a lot” for being undisciplined: “you are a stone”

Through its website, the AMACC shared a profile of Diana, where it highlighted that the actress is “hdaughter of film director Julio Bracho and dancer Diana Bordes Mangel“. And that the famous one was 5 years when she made her debut “as a child actress in her father’s film Saint Philip of Jesus (1949)”.

“His debut on television was in 1973 with the series The Miserables Y my first lover; in the Cine in the movie the castle of purity (1972) by Arturo Ripstein, and in the theater, in the play Israel directed by Héctor Azar”, added the institution.

About him the castle of puritythe Academy noted that “gave him his first acting awards as the Ariel Award for Best Female Co-Acting, the Silver Goddess and the Herald. From then, she has been nominated five times for the Ariel Award, twice being awarded.Winner: in 1973 for Best Female Performance for the castle of purityand in 1980 in theto the same category for Hell of all so feared“.

“In her work as an actress, she has participated in more than 50 films, 23 soap operas, 10 cshort films, 22 plays and 6 series; in addition to documentaries and programs andspeciales, as well as co-productions with Germany, Spain, France, England and the United States.nests”, summarized the AMACC.


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