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Diana Bracho says that Yolanda Andrade “scolded a lot” for being undisciplined: “you are a stone”

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Diana Bracho took advantage of his reunion with Yolanda Andradewhom she calls her “fake daughter”, on the show Montse & Joe to talk about the strong scolding that he gave the driver while they worked joints in Family portraita soap opera directed by Francisco Franco and that the first actress described as “beautiful”.

In the story, Diana Bracho played the mother of Yolanda’s character, who mentioned that both Helena Rojo and Bracho were two great teachers for her. “We did some wonderful scenes, I was shaking a lot”Said the Unicable host.

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It was then that Diana Bracho revealed that she constantly reprimanded Yolanda Andrade because she did not learn her scenes and lacked rigor at work.

“I scolded her a lot because she was very undisciplined, very talented, but she arrived and had not studiedI was perfectly aware that I had not studied. Then I scolded her, but as very lovingly, that is, it was never in a bad mood, but: ‘Yolanda you have to study, you didn’t sleep right? You can’t get like this“.

The actress, who has just published a book of poetry, said that on one occasion she compared Andrade to a rock, because she did not pay attention to her scolding.

“One day as a joke I told her: ‘Look Yolanda, what happens is that you are a stone with eyes and you don’t understand‘, and the next day Yolanda came to the recording with a stone with eyes”.

Diana Bracho and the stone ‘with eyes’ that Yolanda Andrade gave her

While telling the anecdote, Diana Bracho gave the driver a blue gift bag containing that stone that Andrade gave her more than two decades ago.

“I love you! It can’t be, it was 25 years ago!”, said the driver, who was very grateful to Bracho for having preserved the rock. She also remembered the great support that the first actress gave her at the beginning of her career.

“This character was very complicated and I was a beginner, and having you because almost all the scenes were with you (…) I mortified myself a lot and I swear to you that I did study and everything, but it was coming, sometimes I kept awake, but thanks for this detail“added Yolanda, who confessed that after that scolding she began to apply herself to show the actress that she could.


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