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Dharius, Ckan, McDavo and Tiro Loko will be performing a concert in this NC town

Since taking the step to found his own record label, Mexican rapper Dharius has continued to thrive and is doing so with the help of Ckan, McDavo and Tiro Loko, who are joining him on his US tour in the coming days Giving a concert in a town in North Carolina. It was last September 9th when the artists began their tour of the country, beginning in Omaha, Nebraska. “Touring the cities of Omaha, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Chicago in the legendary House of Blues with Sold Out,” reads a statement from the tour. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: I Prevail, Pierce The Veil, Fit for a King and Stand Atlantic perform a concert: Charlotte The tour of the United States will last until October 26 this year and will cover a total of 30 cities.

When and where will Dharius, CKan, McDavo and Tiro Loko perform with a concert in North Carolina? According to Live Nation, the company running the tour, the date is September 22, right during Hispanic Heritage Month. Songs That Can’t Be Missed From Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations 2022 Presenting is The Ritz. Doors open at 7pm and the concert starts at 8pm. Live Nation advises that tickets are general admission and that the concert will be enjoyed standing.

Tickets range from $37.50 to $52.50 plus fees and taxes and can be purchased here. Songs Dharius will present include Lírica Onírica, La Raja, Mala Fama – Buena Vidha, Todos en la Cuadra Bien Locos, La Durango, Hey Morra, Qué Buen Fiestón and Serenata Pop. Dharius is currently promoting his third and most recent studio album: When It All Ends.

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