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Monday, November 28, 2022

DH Hazard who was a drummer for the Red Warm Chilli Peppers dies

  • Darren Henley, greater recognized as DH Danger, dies
  • He was the drummer for the rock group Darren Henley.
  • They say how the artist died

Darren Henley, superior recognized as DH Hazard, who was a drummer for Lifeless Kennedys, dies from a blow to the head, seemingly accidental, nevertheless, it is not recognised for positive how the occasion occurred and the authorities are previously investigating, according to the information portal TMZ.

This news fell like a bucket of chilly drinking water for the family members, supporters and colleagues of the artist, who was a person quite liked by all, and these days, by way of social networks, they have compensated tribute with photos and messages to say goodbye, no without the need of first expressing his discomfort for the awful loss.

HOW WAS IT Announced?

Die DH Danger

It was through a message on social networks that the death was noted and it was specifically the rock band who wrote it like this: “Dead Kennedys drummer DH Hazard (Darren Henley) passed away at his property in Los Angeles yesterday, March 28. oct. Law enforcement at the scene stated that he died of head trauma prompted by an accidental tumble.”

And they extra to the stunning assertion that was revealed for all lovers: “Dead Kennedys drummer DH Hazard (Darren Henley) handed away at his household in Los Angeles yesterday, October 28. Police on scene stated that he died of head trauma induced by an accidental slide,” claimed the news that DH Hazard died.

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