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Devastated by their grandmother! They capture images of Princes William and Harry, children of Lady Di after the death of Queen Elizabeth II (PHOTOS)

  • Lady Di’s children are devastated after the death of their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II
  • Prince William and Prince Harry were spotted heading to Balmorial
  • The faces of the heirs of the now King Carlos III shocked everyone

Without their wives, the children of Lady Di, Prince William and Prince Harry looked devastated and serious this Thursday when they went to Balmoral Castle where a private funeral for Queen Elizabeth II would be held after the death of the queen was confirmed. monarch at 96 years of age.

The controversies do not stop for the royal family and after two years of scandals that led to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle when they decided to resign from royalty, which undoubtedly weighed on the health of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as on the relationship With his brother Prince William, now, Lady Di’s children were seen heading to one of the most complicated days of their lives, after the tragic death of Princess Diana.

They capture Prince Harry very affected by the death of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Harry devastated death Queen Elizabeth II

As reported by the media outlet ‘Bustle’, Prince Harry could be seen wearing a black suit traveling to Balmoril to join his family following the news of the death of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, who was first reported to have died. delicate state of health, and when she found out her youngest grandson did the same to see her but ‘he didn’t arrive on time’.

With his hand on his head, very sad and wearing a black suit, Prince Harry arrived alone traveling because his wife Meghan Markle despite being in London, did not accompany him and together they had a charity event to which they have already suspended their appearance for obvious reasons…repentant about what happened to your grandmother?

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