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Derek Hough reveals how Jennifer Lopez inspired him to propose to Hayley Erbert (exclusive)

Derek Hough knew it was time to propose to Hayley Erbert when he looked at another celeb’s relationship history. ET’s Denny Directo talks to the 37-year-old dancer at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. No limits residency, and Huff reveals how Jennifer Lopez inspired him to ask the question to his girlfriend of seven years.

“I remember seeing him and I was like, ‘Yo, if he can get two’ [engagements] within the time I’ve been with [Erbert] I better step up my game,'” Huff told ET about running into Lopez, who got engaged to Alex Rodriguez in 2019 and Ben Affleck earlier this year.

Another sign that it was time to get engaged, when Hough “introduced Hayley as my girlfriend and I stopped myself and was like, ‘That sounds wrong. The word doesn’t last in this regard. ‘ It was a good sign like, ‘Okay, I guess it’s time to move on to the next step.'”

Lopez hinted that Huff’s engagement had been a long time in coming when she commented on his post announcing that he had proposed to Erbert. “Omg!! Yessss… we’re looking forward to this!! Lol… congrats.”

“It was awesome from everyone and the support and love,” Hough told ET of Lopez and others’ comments. “It’s great.”

As for the proposal itself, Hough said it was quite an achievement to pull it off, as it is “impossible” to surprise Erbert.

“It was like a covert operation,” he joked. “We’re actually making a short video right now that we’re going to post soon about how it went down.”

The pair have yet to begin wedding planning, although Hough said that she and Erbert “would like to work on it.”

“We don’t want a long engagement,” he shared. “We’ve been together for a long time.”

However, they are “already booking talent” for their wedding reception.

“It’s going to be a festival,” he teased. “I’m just telling you, it’s going to be like a concert because we have some really talented friends.”

While Huff and Erbert are excited to see some great performances at their reception, the couple isn’t sure they’ll take the stage for their guests.

“I don’t know if we want to do the wedding dance,” Huff revealed. “Maybe we do something together, but nothing elaborate, because we dance every day… We’re like, ‘It’s our night. You all perform for us.'”

Following their engagement, Huff had to make a change at her Vegas residence, which has been going on since September 10 at the Venice Resort.

“There’s a bit where I used to joke about proposing, but I actually proposed, so we had to change that part a little bit,” he said. “I joke [where I say]’I had to come back 12 weeks here in Vegas to pay for the ring because it’s a beauty.'”

Huff promised that “there’s something in the show for everyone,” adding that there are “all different styles of music” during the “high-energy” performances.

“It’s amazing. The energy, the excitement we create in this small room is fantastic. The same thing I love about this room, is it’s so intimate,” he said. “I really feel like the audience [feels like] a part of the show. I am very grateful. I never take it lightly. I look forward to sharing that passion, sharing that energy on stage every night.”

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