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Depressing!: Lorna Cepeda, ‘La Peliteñida’, reveals how her phrases had been born in ‘Betty la Fea’

Colombian manufacturing ‘I am Betty the Unappealing one’ is considered by the Guinness Planet Document as the most profitable soap opera in heritage because 2010, a title it attained thanks to the superior ranking concentrations it attained in the 180 countries in which it was broadcast.

Also, it was translated into 25 languages and 28 nations all around the world produced their individual adaptation, which allows corroborating the terrific acceptance and identification that the general public had both with the tale and with its characters.

A single of the most loved and remembered by cleaning soap opera fans is without doubt Patricia Fernandez, “The Peliteñida”, who was played by actress Lorna Cepeda. Even enjoying an antagonist function, her unforgettable phrases and her habits designed her endear herself to the community. we share you how his most famed expressions have been born which would afterwards come to be memes.

Lorna Cepeda describes how her phrases were being born in Betty la Fea

One of the most characteristic words of this peculiar character was: ‘miserable’. According to Lorna, this was born throughout the rehearsal of one of the scenes amongst her and the unattractive barracks where they have been battling.

That ‘Unfortunates!’ arrived from my soul.

Following being read by the director, it was established that she would be the only 1 in the solid to be ready to point out the phrase in the rest of the telenovela.

Other unforgettable phrases transcended and are nevertheless legitimate much more than 20 decades right after the premiere of the novel are: “I did 6 semesters of finance at San Marino” Y “Poverty is respiration down my neck, Marce.”

Both were composed by the screenwriter Fernando Gaytán, whom he explained as definitely excellent. Nevertheless, above the months and the very structure of the development the characterdesigned them his individual and adapted them to the idioms of Patricia Fernández.


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