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Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, Ricky Martin’s nephew who accuses him of sexual abuse, spoke for the first time

Dennis Yadiel Sánchez assured that he was attacked by the pop star when he was 12 years old

months ago Ricky Martin stopped appearing in the world media for his musical achievements and now the headlines speak of sexual abuse, cross complaints and mental health.

Days ago it was known that his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, He denounced him again for sexual assault and after months of investigations and a lot of mystery surrounding the young man, the journalist Alex Rodriguez from the Miami programSit down who can” managed to find him for the first time, at the door of his house in Puerto Rico.

“Let the truth reign,” said Dennis Yadiel Sánchez calmly at the door of his house. In a slow voice, he said that he wanted to give details but that the ongoing investigation did not allow him to do so. However, he ratified the complaint, stating before cameras that he was assaulted by his uncle when he was 12 years old and asked for justice.

The sexual crimes division of the Puerto Rico Police has now opened an investigation for the evidence that we have presented and everything that has happened since I was 12 years old.”he said and added: “I cannot speak because there is an open investigation, but I do wish with the greatest force that all the evidence comes out soon and justice is done in court.”

Sánchez affirmed that there is solid evidence, that all parties are being interviewed. “I just want justice to be done”, he repeated several times during the dialogue with Rodríguez.

He revealed that he is calm, although he admitted that “the situation was not easy” neither for him nor for his family, but made it clear that he does not suffer from mental problems, as Ricky Martin declared. “That’s just a strategy to change the narrative,” he said. “This is something serious and it will be tested.“, he claimed.

“When everything is resolved and the evidence comes out, I will be able to speak. Let the truth reign,” she concluded.

Ricky Martin (REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier)

Sánchez broke the silence after the Court of First Instance of San Juan granted Ricky Martin a protection order days ago. After analyzing the evidence presented, the court determined that Sánchez sent up to ten messages a day to his uncle and that on one occasion he requested permission to take Ricky Martin’s children to the movies, which the singer refused.

In January 2022, Sánchez published the singer’s phone number on social networks and in early September, through a third party, he asked for money “in exchange for his silence.”

The court hearing on this protection order was scheduled for next September 28.

Last July, a first complaint from his nephew was dismissed. “I have been working on stage for almost four decades, in the public eye, and I have never had to deal with something as painful as what I have experienced in recent weeks. I was a victim of the lie”, he declared after that process.

Now, two months later, his nephew denounced him again, claiming to have handed over evidence and, for the first time, he appeared in front of television cameras.


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