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Denise Quaid’s wife: facts about Laura Savoie and her last 3 marriages

Dennis Quaid has received a lot of love throughout his career. Here’s what to know about his current wife, Laura Savoie, and the three women he previously married.

Dennis QuaidThe 68-year-old is a successful actor, known for his roles in big Easy, Dragon Heart, parental net, far from heaven, convenient location, even more. Despite never receiving an Academy Award nomination, he is considered one of the best in the business. Denise is never afraid to give love a chance, and is now married to the 29-year-old Laura Savoie, He had previously married actresses pj soles And meg ryanPlus Texas real-estate agents kimberly buffington, Find out here about all the women who have said “I do” to Denise.

pj soles

pj  soles
PJ Soles (Photo: Dan Steinberg/BEI/Shutterstock)

Denise and PJ Soules, 71, married in 1978. Both the actors met on the sets of a drama film our win season, PJ was 27 years old at the time of marriage, while Denise was 24. The pair’s marriage was short-lived, and they divorced in 1983. Denise and PJ have both been pretty quiet about their former relationship over the years. PJ marries retired pilot leave holmo In 1983, with whom he had two children, he divorced in 1998.

meg ryan

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan
Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan at the ‘Courage Under Fire’ screening (Photo: Alan Berliner / BEI / Shutterstock)

Meg Ryan and Denise, 60, tied the knot on February 14, 1991, after falling in love while filming their second film together, doa they worked together before inner space, On April 24, 1992, a year after their marriage, the couple welcomed a son. jack, Denise and Meg announced their split in June 2000, and they finalized their divorce in July 2001. became romantically involved with Meg russell crow Around the same time she split from Denise.

“I never felt like I was worried about what people thought of me, but then that story was never told right,” she said. today About her divorce in February 2019. “I felt the effects, like I was the bad guy or whatever the story. But I remember letting go of the need to correct anyone. Divorce is hard. Love is intoxicating. All those things were so personal,” That said. Denise has also spoken about how Meg’s fame affected their marriage. “I was the big deal when we met,” he has previously said people, “We would go out on the streets of New York and it would be like, ‘Meg! Meg!’ And I have to admit it, I really felt like I had disappeared. I didn’t think I was that young, but I was. It was an opportunity for growth – I learned from it.

Denise and Meg’s son Jack, 29, followed in her acting footsteps. he had a small role in The Hunger Games movies, and is now best known for his lead role as Hughie Campbell in Amazon Prime Video’s hit series boys, he also acted scream 5,

kimberly buffington

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington
Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards (Photo: BDG/Shutterstock)

Denise married his third wife, 50-year-old Kimberly Buffington, on July 4, 2004, at their ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana. Three years later, they welcomed fraternal twins, Thomas Boone And zoe grace, via surrogate. The twins, now 14, were accidentally given increased doses of the blood thinner heparin when they were ten days old. They thankfully recovered, and Denise and Kimberly eventually reached a $750,000 settlement against Cedars-Sinai Hospital, according to people,

Kimberly filed for divorce in March 2012. She withdrew the divorce papers two months later, but then she requested a legal separation that October. Kimberly also requested sole physical custody and joint legal custody of her and Denise’s two children at the time. Denise later filed for divorce and asked for joint legal and physical custody of the children while Kimberly offered to pay the spouse’s support. The pair reconciled and their divorce was ruled out in September 2013, until they separated again in June 2016. The divorce was finalized in April 2018 and they agreed to joint physical custody of the children, although Kimberly was given more time with the boys. She also reportedly received $2 million in one-time payments and $13,750 a month in child support.

Laura Savoie

Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie
Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie out for dinner in West Hollywood on May 14, 2019 (Photo: MEGA)

Denise met his fourth wife, Laura Savoie, at a business event and they started dating in May 2019. Laura is a former PhD student at the University of Texas. They got engaged in October 2019 while on vacation in Hawaii. “It happened in Turtle Bay, at the northernmost point of Oahu. It was kind of comfortable,” Dennis told Excessive about the offer. “It was so surprising [for Laura], I had the ring in my pocket… It was a month and a half plan. I wanted it to be private. ,

Denise and Laura had a surprise seaside wedding in Santa Barbara, California on June 2, 2020, after their initial wedding was planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Denise said, “Love has a way of surprising you.” people After the wedding, “it was beautiful.” The couple exchanged traditional vows and Bulgari rings, and Laura chose a white gown by Chosen Day that featured a low back, while Denise wore a gray Hugo Boss suit.

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