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Demi Lovato returned and made the public vibrate with the rock songs that replaced her pop hits

Finally the date arrived. Eight years the fans had to wait to hear their idol again. It is that, although the name Demi lovato resonates in the heads of most pop music fans, the singer had visited our country for the last time in 2014, as part of The Neon Lights Tour.

But the wait was worth it.

The former Disney star appeared last Friday night at the Movistar Arena with a totally different proposal than what he has used to his fans: a show that resonates more with the great rock divas from the ’80s like Joan Jett or Debbie Harry to commercial pop that knew how to take it to the mainstream.

Demi Lovato made the Movistar Arena vibrate.  IG photo

Demi Lovato made the Movistar Arena vibrate. IG photo

It was a night where he captivated his local fans with a concert in which he reviewed his hits, premiered some songs from his new album and performed great ballads like Skyscraper, all without missing a note.

It is that if there is something that always characterized Demi Lovato, it is her vocal power. Many have even mentioned it as the Christina Aguilera of her generation. And in an age where autotune can mask some imperfections, having a vocalist hit unattainable notes live is a breath of fresh air.

the start of the show

The show began with the song that gives name to his latest album Holy Fvckfollowed by three songs from that same album: Freak Eat Me Y substance.

Accompanied by a band composed only of womenincluding Nita Strauss, former Alice Cooper guitarist, the singer more than fulfilled the task of starting a rock show as it should be: to pure pogo

“This tour is being amazing for me,” sketched in one of the moments where he interacted with the public. And she took the opportunity to thank each of his fans, letting them know that he “didn’t take them for granted.”

Demi Lovato performing "Holy Fvck" the song that gives name to her latest album.  IG photo

Demi Lovato performing “Holy Fvck” the song that gives name to her latest album. IG photo

the empowering confident She was chosen to enter a set where she walked through some of the great hits of her career. The audience exploded when the first chords of Here We Go Againsong that gives name to his second studio album.

Judging by the long line that ran through the stadium in the Villa Crespo neighborhood before entering, most of her fans are with her since her first appearance in “Camp Rock”Disney Channel’s hit movie.

Nostalgia flooded the venue when he announced that his next song was going to be La La Land which, to the surprise of many, was in conjunction with a cover of the la, Ashlee Simpson song, and Don’t Forget.

the new songs

For the second half of the show showed his most personal side with songs from his new album like 29where he addresses the theme of grooming referring to her relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama; either Skyscraper, where he gives a message about a difficult moment that he had to go through and that the public decided to accompany last night with the flashlights of their cell phones. But she also rocked out to some of her other popular hits, like Heart Attack Y sorry not sorry.

Towards the end he gave an electrifying performance of his new lead single, Skin of my Teeth and once again demonstrated his ability to compose ballads that move his audience with happy ending.

Demi Lovato thanked on her Instagram for the warm welcome from her audience.  IG photo

Demi Lovato thanked on her Instagram for the warm welcome from her audience. IG photo

The finishing touch was with “Cool For The Summer”, his 2015 hit that this year returned to the most listened to lists thanks to TikTok. The stadium vibrated with one of the most anticipated songs of the night and with a singer that many knew from her appearances on the mouse channel but that in a few years many will recognize as a up-and-coming rock star.


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