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Del Toro style animation

GUADALAJARA (EFE) .— With the shooting of the film “Pinocchio”, the International Animation Center, founded by director Guillermo del Toro, begins its path as the first studio in Latin America in which stop-motion film projects can be realized (photo-to-photo Animation).

The CIA is also known as “El taller del Chucho (dog)”, a project that Del Toro has longed for for several years, which gave it the name, indicating that everyone who works there is “perrearle” (work hard) got to. and that was echoed at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, the city in which it is based.

Angélica Lares is the director of the CIA and stated that Del Toro laid the foundation stone for the workshop and was the one who decided that part of his new film would be produced here.

“He knows what we’re doing. We’re always talking about what’s coming, ”he emphasized.

He pointed out that the workshop got off to an “unbeatable” start as it was the second set of the film “Pinocchio”, an Oscar-winning Netflix production that helped make the rooms possible and a synergy of work between local talent.


Lares assured that due to the nature of the services offered, this is the first production space of its kind in Latin America and will therefore try to bring productions from all over the world.

“We didn’t have a space like this, we have the ability to have the entire scheme of a production, especially the ‘stop motion’, the rooms and the equipment, the human team and that’s fine because the productions usually have to assemble a study from scratch, “said the director.

The workshop has seven industrial halls. Three of them can be activated as rotating forums with up to 300 people working at the same time, others for workshops on the construction of “puppets”, costumes, backdrops or structures and two more for post-production and administration.

One of the workshop’s warehouses was occupied for several months by the “Pinocchio” team, the details of which were kept secret by Netflix, so the set in and around Guadalajara was closed to the press until that beginning year after filming ended.

After the experience with “Pinocchio”, the aim of the workshop is to generate co-productions with projects in Mexico and all of Latin America, but also to offer the space, the human material and the high-tech equipment that they have to rent and rent the space for each production company Save costs.

In one of their rooms they are co-producing the short film “Ramas torcidos” by the animator León Fernández, in which they have developed certain locations and the characters of this story from scratch.

just look

A unique space

Rita Basulto, one of the most famous Mexican entertainers who worked on “Pinocchio”, said that this place “will be a place where talent and highly educated people come together” in “stop motion”. “Shooting the scenes for this feature film suggests that you can do a job here on a very good level. There isn’t a study as large as this, “he said.


One of the goals of “El taller del Chucho” is to train new talent inside and outside Mexico. From January to September the workshop offers a training program for young people.

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