Home Entertainment debuts as an actor, by the hand of Flavio Mendoza

debuts as an actor, by the hand of Flavio Mendoza

debuts as an actor, by the hand of Flavio Mendoza

After two months of rehearsals, Sergio Goycochea is ready to go on stage, with the same adrenaline rush he felt when he was about to hit the field. This Friday July 16 will be his acting debut in Bendito tú eres, the play by Flavio Mendoza, at the Broadway theater, alongside a cast of drag queens, where he will perform functions on Fridays and Saturdays.

-We saw you on the field saving penalties, then commenting on football and hosting television programs. Now the actor Goyco arrived?

-I am very respectful of the roles, but I am in a moment of my life in which I wanted to do something different, what is said get out of my comfort zone and above all, have fun and to do something that I find enjoyable.

– I imagine that this will not have been the first time that they offer you to act. What attracted you to this work?

-Yes, I had been offered many times, but in this case Flavio came up with a project that really amused me. And, in addition, the truth is that before I did not feel qualified to do something like this. So I decided that this was the moment, without feeling like an actor, I think I’m in a position to do it.

At 57, Sergio Goycohea Changes The Three Suits For The Tables.

At 57, Sergio Goycohea changes the three suits for the tables.

-Would you be the “blessed” in the title?

-Something like that, let’s say. My character is Sergio Goycochea, but something recreated, it is not my life. There is some point in common with me, but the story that the play tells I did not live it, it is that of a character.

-You are a person who is encouraged to change, do you like challenges so that you don’t always get stuck in the same thing?

-I’m interested in doing new things, but it is not about jumping into the pool just because. First I was a professional footballer, because, as a footballer, one can be a lifetime; later I studied sports journalism and I’ve been in the media for twenty years, and now I braced myself for this. But not only because I find it pleasant, but also because the idea of ​​transmitting a message convinced me.

Sergio Goycochea Makes His Debut As An Actor In The Play &Quot;Bendito Tú Eres&Quot;, By Flavio Mendoza.  Photo Paula Dalia (Press).

Sergio Goycochea makes his debut as an actor in the play “Bendito tú eres”, by Flavio Mendoza. Photo Paula Dalia (Press).

– So it didn’t take Flavio Mendoza much to convince you?

-I was very clear about what I wanted and I like what the work conveys. It was not a question of saying: “I do theater and cross out a new locker”, or I get on stage because it was a Flavio tantrum. There is a meaning in this decision, which just coincides with a personal moment of mine. In addition, I feel cared for by the whole company and that is also important. I think it is interesting to open your head and add things to continue growing as a person, especially in this world in which you have to constantly adjust. A little bit of all of that came together.

-What is that message that interested you to be part of the cast?

It has to do with inclusion, with helping to make certain situations visible and making clear how important it is to respect each person’s life choices. You may or may not like what Flavio does, but what is certain is that there will always be a great production and everything is prepared to make it a success. That also encouraged me to take up the challenge.

-Let’s play to make some parallels between theater and football. Is the rehearsal process similar to the training process?

-It is similar, but in football you know what time you arrive and at an hour and a half, ready, you go. On the other hand, in the theater it takes longer. You arrive and you don’t know what time you are going to finish. But I lived it with great joy, because it took me back to the sensations of my beginnings as a professional in football, where everything was new, I felt that same anxiety. Being used to the discipline of a workout also helped. But the truth is that the rehearsal season imposes an intense and tiring rhythm on you. Now that the performances begin, it will be calmer.

-Going on stage also has a certain correlation with going on the court, there is something of a shared ritual that is similar.

-Such as, in addition each function, like each party, is unique and unrepeatable. You train or you rehearse, but then you don’t know what will happen. Here the rival is the public and achieving applause with each function is like 1 to 0. There is also something similar in the previous one, which in the case of the theater is a little more lonely waiting in the dressing rooms, and in soccer it is more group, you share some cabals. I already have some objects, like a little virgin, who will accompany me to feel calmer, before each performance.

-From the first rehearsal, more than two months ago, until today, how did you live the experience?

-There were different stages. At first, it was learning the letter, then adding the gestures, the postures And finally, the most difficult thing that I still have to incorporate, is how to continue on stage, when you don’t have text, to not be paying. I’m not going to pretend that it happens overnight, but I feel comfortable. With this project, my priority is not commercial or economic. Hopefully it will be a success, but, in my case, the scale tips more for the challenge of doing something new and having fun.

How you saw the Drawings Martinez

The World Cup in Italy 90 was a before and after for Goycochea, when he almost went from anonymity to glory thanks to the penalties he saved in a couple of decisive matches.

For this reason, there was a player from the Argentine National Team who just won the Copa América with whom Goycochea especially identified: goalkeeper Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez.

“I experienced the thing withdra as if it were in the first person”, says to refer to the three penalties that Martinez saved against Colombia, in a crucial match for the semifinal. “I felt like I was in the bow”Goyco assured.

-Who better than you to understand what he was going through at that time, right?

-It was something super exciting, I knew better than anyone what was going through his head and body at that moment. We had similar stories as to how we got there. When the game ended, I sent him a message, I told him I was hugging him on behalf of everyone and I also spoke with his dad. But, in addition, another personal fact unites us: his daughter was born while he was playing the Cup and I also met my daughter Paloma a week after she was born because at that time I was playing in Australia. I think Emiliano is going to realize in time what this glorious moment means.

After having accompanied Diego Maradona in the conduction of The night of the Ten, in 2005 by El Trece, Goycochea was installed in the media as a panelist, commentator and also as a host. Now, at 57 years old, married for 31 years to Ana Laura Merlo, father of three children and with a grandson, Goycochea is in charge We are all connected (TEC), on Public TV, with Noelia Antonelli.

-How do you imagine that the public will take this new facet of you?

-I hope you enjoy. Same, I am used to criticism. The problem is when that gets confused with disqualification. You can learn from constructive criticism, but if there is disrespect or bad vibes, no. It seems to me that we are at a time when we cannot think only about our navel, we have to look to the sides, put aside selfishness and have a little empathy.

&Quot;Blessed Are You&Quot; Will Feature Well-Known Drag Queens.

“Blessed are you” will feature well-known drag queens.

-Do you feel that you are going through one of your best moments?

-I am grateful, it is a blessing to have health, work. I think you have to learn all the time and, in this difficult moment that we have to do, each one should collaborate from his own point of view, as best he can, be tolerant and add, not destroy. The emotional damage is for everyone, because this pandemic fell to us as a gift furry And you have to try to understand the situation, which is extraordinary, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes a bit.