Home Entertainment “Deadpool” Joins The Marvel Universe With The Movie “Free Guy” (Video)

“Deadpool” Joins The Marvel Universe With The Movie “Free Guy” (Video)


dead pool, Ryan Reynolds’ popular character, finally He was linked to characters from the Marvel Universe.

This Weird Character Happened To Korg While Reacting From The Movie free man In a funny video posted on social media.

When is Deadpool 3 released?

Through this Reynolds YouTube Channel You Can Enjoy the Clip, where we see the iconic personality of the protagonist as we await Deadpool 3.

In the clip, Deadpool introduces what he’ll do: reaction to trailer free man, the movie that announces, will come out in August, And he’ll do it with Korg, a character from the Marvel Universe played by Taika Waititi in the films of the Thor saga, where he’s also a director.

Korg, as another option, they joke

Additionally, he appeared in The Avengers: endgame. Ryan Reynolds, dead pool, he is the hero of the movie free man; What’s more, Taika Waititi He is also a part of the feature film cast.

“We also have a guest to respond this week: Korg, who wasn’t my first choice, but was apparently too busy with other Disney Plus“, jokes the character.

movie plot

In the plot, we find that The protagonist of the film, named Guy, is a bank employee, But after an attack with hostages, he realizes that the life he’s in is only a video game, so he begins to corrupt it.

Rating of four to five avocados

“Well, she looks funny (…) Not sure if it was worth the detour, Canadian Cumberbatch’s Little Mind Moving away from my next movie,” Deadpool says.

decide to give Rating as “four out of five avocados” And then he says “Just kill me now” to Korg’s character.

Film will not be on digital platform

After that, they don’t play “August 13th Streaming”, so The film will not be on the digital platform at the premiere.

Finally, and in the typical style of the post-credits scenes, He asks for advice on staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to which he replies that he must have a dream, Following you up, realizing you’re not going to make it, and finally checking your email to see if you have any emails from your agent.

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