David Poramo continues in an inspired coma; Woke up in a while

Mexico City.- David paramo She was awakened from an induced coma after suffering an aneurism that hospitalized her and Keeps him in intensive care.

Also told by the analyst Alejandro Rodriguez, Which details that Paramo was Woke up for a few minutes This Their responses were favorable.

“I have good news for you: This afternoon, David Paramo was awake for a few minutes and his responses were very favorable. He recognized his surroundings and answered questions. He was seduced and would remain in intensive care. Come on mate! “

David Poramo’s health was reported last Saturday “Serious but steady” After the Several hours of intervention. Through his Twitter account, Ciro G√≥mez Leyva thanked samples of support for him, also known as “the father of superior analysis”.

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