Home Entertainment David Moreno “Tololoche” dies in a tragic accident. who was he?

David Moreno “Tololoche” dies in a tragic accident. who was he?

Muere David tololoche

David Morena “Tololoche”, a Mexican regional musician, was killed in a spectacular car accident.

HERMOSILLO. – He shocked his fans, David “Tololoche”, Mexican regional musician he died with 24 in a tragic car accident on the Mexico-Nogales state road, on the Sinaloa-Sonora section in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 2nd.

David Antonio Moreno Grijalva, real name of the Mexican regional musician, traveled to Hermosillo after a presentation when suffered the car accident in which he lost his life and of which not many details are known.

What we know about the tragic accident of David “Tololoche”

The musician who was part of the accompanying band Alexander Garcia “The Ghost” delivered a heartbreaking message lamenting the death of his team.

“My brother, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that I’ve lived with you. They will never replace it, I will always keep it in my conversations and I live in my heart. It hurts like you have no idea“wrote.

The Mexican regional singer, born in San José de Cañas, Durango, also appeared devastated by the departure of David “Tololoche”.

“I am devastated by your departure, it takes getting used to living without his presence. My friend, brother, partner of the newspaper. Rest in peace, Kompadrat,” says the photo in which the two musicians are hugging.

David Moreno &Quot;Tololoche&Quot; Dies In A Tragic Accident. Who Was He? - Light Home News

Local media, for their part, published that the young musician was returning to his home in Hermosillo when he had an accident on the way that cost his life.

Before the accident, David Moreno suspected that he had achieved a goal

The late musician was recently invited to touch at an event in his home town of Hermosillo Carín León and ‘El Tamarindo’, this presentation David “Tololoche” He described it as the goal achieved:

“Dreams come true, I thank all the plebs for their attention, they leave me with a good taste in their mouth and with a lot of desire to continue working on my goals …”, says one of his latest posts on Facebook.

Another detail that has caused regret is that “Tololoche” not until January 1st shared a photo in which he stood out “have to” and his homeland, HermosilloHis death was reported hours later.

Who was David Moreno “Tololoche”?

David Moreno Grijalva, better known as David “Tololoche” was a musician from Hermosillo, Sonora who lost his life 24 years old in a tragic accident after a gig. the young musician not only caused grief in his family and fans, but also to his fiance, named Paloma Vega, with whom he was planning to marry in a few months.

David not only worked alongside “El Fantasma”, but also Member of the Los Karajos music groupwhere he played bass, tololoche and worked as a composer, writing songs like “Oh Niña” and “El Mocoso Maltratado”.

Although he was also able to work with Carín León at an event on December 25, 2021 in the Multiple Use Center of his birth Hermosillo.

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