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David Lebón recorded with Skay Beilinson

After the premieres of dreamless times together with Knowing Russia, waiting to be born with Vincent, and on the path of the sun together with Fabiana Cantilo, now A new preview of David Lebón’s next album has just been released: the topic that train with another luxury guest: Skay Beilinsonon guitar.

In this way, for the first time there is a crossing between members of two historical Argentine rock bands: Serú Girán and Patricio Rey and their Ricotta Rounds.

that train was written by David and was originally part of the album I will be 92, launched at the time of the meeting of the band of Charly García, Lebón, Pedro Aznar and Oscar Moro, shortly before filling the River stadium twice. Coincidentally, Skay also filled the Monumental, eight years later.

The cover of David Lebón's new single, with Skay Beilinson as a special guest.

The cover of David Lebón’s new single, with Skay Beilinson as a special guest.

Today, with this new and powerful version, David Lebón has the luxury of having another of the most emblematic guitarists of Argentine rock.

The recording

When choosing the songs for the second volume of Lebon & Co. the producer Gabriel Pedernera (Eruca Sativa drummer) proposed that song and also the idea of ​​inviting Skay. It seemed to him a very symbolic union and “an interesting combination on a historical level”.

David Leon.  Photo German Garcia Adrasti

David Leon. Photo German Garcia Adrasti

The next step was a call from Pato Oviedo, David’s manager and partner, to Poli, Skay’s manager and partner. There was an immediate positive response.

Later, Skay proposed to send his guitar parts, including the final solo. He did not join David live, but the result conveys the feeling that they are looking each other in the face while playing, with perfect coordination. “A beautiful communion of the two guitars that blows my mind”, says Pedernera.

Dhani Ferrón did the choirs for the middle part of the song, and Leandro Bulacio (Hammond organ), Roby Seitz (bass), Rodrigo Crespo (acoustic guitar) and Gabriel Pedernera (drums, percussion, acoustic and electric guitar) also played.

The video

The video, directed by José Cicala, shows David in various roles, touring the Argentine routes.

According to the director, “Having the opportunity to direct a video clip for David is a dream come true. When I heard the song, millions of universes opened up to me from the lyrics, which have incredible poetry. They are songs that fill you with images, feelings, sensations and enjoyment”.

And he added: “When you have a song like that, which gives you so much, the creative work is very rich, it becomes very natural to be able to describe and tell it with images. that train takes us through David’s entire path through his musical history, his happy moments, his difficult moments, his beginnings, his dreams and his environment”.

The shooting was in Punta Indio. “We really enjoyed the whole process,” Cicala said, “and the town provided us with natural spaces that allowed us to grow the initial idea. David’s warm gaze, how his interpretation contributed to the video, beyond the musical, is something that I’ve got from the experience, and I hope all the fans can enjoy it too.”

successor to a hit

The imminent appearance of Lebón & Co. vol. two it will mark the continuation of a work that became a huge success. Lebon & Co. was published in 2019 and was the big winner of the Gardel Music Awards the following year, taking Gold for Album of the Year along with five other statuettes, in addition to two Latin Grammy nominations.

David Lebón with his Gold Gardel in 2020. Gardel Awards press photo

David Lebón with his Gold Gardel in 2020. Gardel Awards press photo

It is a consecration work that revisits David’s great hits, with guests of the stature of Fito Paez, Pedro Aznar, Andrés Calamaro, Julieta Venegas and Ricardo Mollo, among others, which today exceeds 55 million views.

The release date of this new album is September 16, on digital platforms and also on CD and vinyl.

The same team that worked on the previous album participated, again led by Gabriel Pedernera as producer, with the same general concept as its predecessor, including renewed readings of the songs that David composed and performed throughout his career, both solo level as well as with fundamental bands like Serú Girán.

This album will be presented in various provinces of the country and will have, as a finishing touch, a show at Luna Park on November 27.

upcoming shows

  • Sept. 16 – Tribes (Santa Fe)
  • September 17 – El Círculo Theater (Rosario)
  • September 23 – Mercedes Sosa Theater (Tucumán)
  • September 25 – Feast of the Confluence (Neuquén)
  • September 29 – Quality Space (Córdoba)
  • November 27 – Luna Park (Buenos Aires)


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