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David Harbor talks about the beginnings of ‘Stranger Things’; “we thought no one would see it”

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During a recent appearance on The One Show from BBC One, The Jim Hopper actor was asked if he ever expected Netflix’s sci-fi series, stranger things, became the huge success it is today.

“Not at all,” he told presenters Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas. “I remember when we were shooting the first season in Atlanta. Netflix had given us a budget of about $20.

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“Halfway through I remember my hairdresser coming up to me, about episode four that we were shooting, and she said: ‘I don’t think it’s going to work.'”

He continued: “I was like, ‘What!’ So when we finished filming I thought we wouldn’t get a second season. We would be the first Netflix show to never have a second season. We thought no one would see it and it was going to be a disaster.”

In reference to the program that brought the success of Kate Bush in 1985 Running Up That Hill Back on the charts, Jones jokingly replied, “And here you are, I mean no one is more surprised than Kate Bush to be fair.”You’re welcome, Kate!David laughed.

stranger things

According to reports, Bush has pocketed $2.3 million in streaming and download revenue since his song appeared in the fourth season of stranger things. The rise in popularity saw it break three Guinness World Records, reach number one in Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland, and at one point become the most streamed song on the planet.

Running Up That Hill it also stayed at the top of the UK charts for four weeks, with Bush describing it as “a bit surreal”.

On the other hand, the creators of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer recently revealed that they have re-edited previous episodes of the series.


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