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David Garrett returns, violinist who managed to unite Mozart with Metallica

David Garrett, the 41-year-old violinist who has surprised and dazzled with his original fusion of classical, rock and pop music since 2008, reappears, this time in Argentina on October 12 at the Movistar Arena. This will happen within the framework of their “Alive Tour”.

Tickets have been on sale since last Wednesday through the site’s official website https://www.movistarrena.com.ar/.

David Garrett.  Photo: Courtesy DG/Christophe Kostlin.

David Garrett. Photo: Courtesy DG/Christophe Kostlin.

David Garrett is considered the pioneer of the modern trend foreigner, Reaching audiences of different genres and genres with your music. In his own way, he manages to blur the barriers between Mozart and Metallica, as he has been demonstrating since his albums. free You repeatFrom the year 2006 and 2008.

Today he has been wooing his fans for more than 10 years. It sold millions of tickets and achieved 25 gold records and 17 platinum records in countries such as Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil or Singapore. With his music, Garrett not only managed to create a new audience for classical music, but elevate the violin as an instrument capable of being played in the styles of rock and pop.

his most recent album

His latest album came out in 2020 and it is called Alive – My SoundtrackWhich according to his team is “an explosion of musical fireworks and the highlight of a journey, powerful, emotional, moving and, above all, 100% David Garrett”.

with the output of Alive – My Soundtrack, the violinist said:. “My heart beats for all the songs on this album, because I have a deep connection with each and every one of them. In short, I hold a small part of them all in my heart.”

“There are 23 songs on the album, and choosing the final one was incredibly difficult. We recorded almost twice as many songs, also because I kept coming up with new song ideas and was able to test them out right away in the studio.”

David Garrett.  Photo: Courtesy DG/Christophe Kostlin.

David Garrett. Photo: Courtesy DG/Christophe Kostlin.

And he says: “One of the last songs was Happy by Pharrell Williams. At the time, we had already recorded orchestra, drums, and more, so I had this thought: no, we’re not going to bring everyone back to the studio, now I’m recording everything on my instrument . And I’m very happy about that.” The result is unparalleled and Happy It had probably never been recorded like this before.

previous album songs

David Garrett on tour.  Photo: Courtesy DG/Christophe Kostlin.

David Garrett on tour. Photo: Courtesy DG/Christophe Kostlin.

in the album Alive – My SoundtrackDavid Garrett presents his personal favorites and associates them with very different memories and moments:

  • dance of masters It reminds him of his childhood: “I was very young, 4 or 5. Before I started playing the violin, my mother’s record collection and this ballet piece absolutely fascinated me.” When it comes to energy and giving it free rein.
  • confutitis There’s a piece by Mozart that grabs you instantly.
  • what a wonderful World by Louis Armstrong makes you feel inspired and moved because it was “written in a difficult situation and yet it is timeless and hopeful”.
  • shallow David Garrett’s interpretation of a modern film classic a star is born: “I was very impressed by that movie.”
  • Metallica and Brutal enter Sandman They get Garrett’s adrenaline pumping.
  • come along He plays it only with electric violin.
  • beauty and the Beast: “I’m a big fan of Disney and I live by the motto: Start your day with a smile and please don’t get too excited, but just relax. And this song does that for me.”
  • There’s also another Disney song on the album, let it go from frozen, David Garrett attaches great importance to the balance of mood that each song stirs in him and his listeners. “After the rain there’s always sunshine, that’s life and I feel the same way about music,” says Garrett, explaining the variety of his new album.


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