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Daughter of Bibi Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo debuts in ‘El rey, Vicente Fernández’: This is how she looks

Ana Paula Capetillo debuts as an actress in the Netflix series; The king, Vicente Fernandezbeing another of the children of former members of the Timbiriche band who ventured into the entertainment industry, creating great expectations among fans of the Capetillo Gaytán family.

The series starring Jaime Camil has created a stir on social networksas it is a production that tells the story of the late singer Vicente Fernández, in addition to the participation of other actors such as Marcela Guirado and Rubén Zamora.

Since September 14, the series is already available on Netflix, being one of the most controversial productions, due to the existence of another series called The Last King: The Son of the Peoplestarring Pablo Montero, a series that has had legal problems with Vicente Fernández’s family as it was not authorized by the singer’s relatives.

For its part, Ana Paula announced a couple of months ago, her participation in the Netflix series, being his first television production. As the 25-year-old she had shown no interest in following in her parents’ footsteps.

Who does Ana Paula Capetillo play in ‘The King, Vicente Fernández’?

The daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo will play Teresa, the sister of Vicente Fernández. According to the singer’s biography, his sister was one of the artist’s main supporters during the beginning of his career.

“Excited for the premiere of ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’ today at 9:30 pm on Caracol TV in Colombia! It is urgent that you meet Teresa Fernández who interprets with all my love,” Ana Paula wrote on Instagram.

Through your personal social media account, Ana Paula Capetillo revealed some images with the characterization of her charactersurprising several fans for her beauty and the expectation of her performance on the small screen.

Ana Paula She has become the second daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo to debut in actingsince recently, his brother Eduardo Capetillo Jr had his first appearance in the series Where there was fire, sharing credits with his father Eduardo Capetillo.

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