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Daughter of Anabel Gutiérrez reveals that she felt the presence of the actress at her wake

  • The renowned Mexican actress Anabel Gutiérrez died last Sunday, August 21 at the age of 89
  • Her daughter, also an actress Amairani Romero, reveals that she felt her mother’s presence at her wake
  • “She was a woman who was very happy until her last breaths,” she said in an interview.

Did you want to say one last goodbye? After the sensitive death of the renowned Mexican actress Anabel Gutiérrez, who is remembered for her participation in the film Escuela de vagabonds with Pedro Infante and Miroslava Stern, last Sunday, August 21 at the age of 89, her daughter Amairani Romero reveals that he felt his mother’s presence at his wake.

It was in an interview that he granted to different communication media, which is available on the channel of Youtube of the journalist Berenice Ortiz, that the also actress, who participated in several Televisa soap operas such as Simply María and Sweet challenge at the end of the eighties, expressed her feelings after this unfortunate news.

“I felt her presence at the wake,” says Amairani about her mother, Anabel Romero

"I felt her presence at the wake," says Amairani about her mother, Anabel Gutiérrez

Calm down, the daughter of Anabel Gutiérrez shared that it is difficult to recover from a situation of this nature, and that if there was something her mother said, it was that the show should continue: “I don’t know, I tell my children: ‘I don’t know how I feel’, I cry, suddenly I remember her, I know that my mother’s smile and my mother’s joy would not like to see us bad”.

“So what do I tell you? A star further up… I learned my life from her, she was a great woman, a great mother, but above all a very demanding acting teacher, she was not pleasing with the scenes, she always asked me for more, she always asked us for more, me, not the grandchildren. She left me a great lesson, which was that Mrs. Anabel Gutiérrez never had a scandal, “shared Amairani Romero.

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