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Dare to listen to independent proposals: Verónica Mares arrives with her electropop

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The young singer-songwriter gomezpalatina Veronica Mareswho has drawn attention to your talent through social networksprepares the release of his debut album, meanwhile gives a taste with the promotion of his single “Ill stand here”as he revealed in an interview for MILLENNIUM.

the too communicatorwho graduated from UNID Campus Gómez Palacioensures that her taste for music began when she was a childbut upon entering high school, it was when the love for this profession awoke more.

“Since I was a child I used to sing, but my parents thought that it was going to happen to me, but no, I am now 31 years old and my taste continues and increases, when I graduated from university I worked for a time in the media, then I dedicated myself to teaching English , but without leaving music, at the age of 18 I formally dedicated myself to music, I ventured into three versatile groups and from there everything started in good shape, “he explained.

Mares was part of groups like Knights of the Night of Lerdo, Link de Gómez Palacio and currently works at black and white.

In her beginnings as a soloist, the young woman was a balladeer, but feeling a bit stagnant and once she was invited to be part of the production company MSP Music, her career took a big turn.

“Currently I present a totally different concept, it is an electropop proposal, from the moment I started with this genre I loved it, and I said, yes I want this”.

In addition to singing, Mares loves dancing, and he confessed that this genre fit him like a glove, since he can make a perfect combination.

“I am very excited to sing and dance at the same time, I greatly admire Beyoncé, Rosalía, everything these singers do, who can mix these two types of art.”

Though still part of the Black and White group, Veronica has received so much support from her peers that she can also attend to her solo career.

“When I started as a solo artist I always paid for my own project, I went to a production company and paid to make a song, but there came a time when I said, who is going to help me when I need another little push, and I decided to change the scene, fortunately I met a friend who invited me to change production company and it was a complete change of project, and I said come on, I’m not losing anything, and that’s when everything turned around, I loved it because it was a radical change”.

It is currently under the command of producer Hugo Segovia.manager at MSP, from whom he claims to receive great support.

“Recently we went to Monterrey to record the video for “Seguiré aqui”, and I loved it a lot, it’s my first single from my debut album, I’m the author of my melodies, my album doesn’t have a title yet, I plan to release it in full, with about 10 songs”.

The lagoon artist has faced many sacrificesbut also to unforgettable experiences with which he has fallen in love and plans to continue offering more of his talent.

when asking him what is it that identifies her in the musical worldhe answered, “I love doing voices when I’m recording, I like that this seal exists in my production company, and they tell me that I have a lot of ability to do voices, I like to do second, bass, treble, all kinds of voices, I have that seal , when I recorded “Amanecer” and now “Seguiré aqui”, that hallmark comes that distinguishes harmony, and many people tell me that they are already distinguishing me, because of the sounds that I mix, those old sounds from the 70s or 80s as if it were something retro, I like to be guided by what has been heard before”.

In the lyrics of his songs, without a doubt, he reflects situations that he has experienced in his personal life, but also someone who tells him about his story, he does not hesitate to tell it.

“First I began to write about my life, what was happening to me, this one hurt me, I play heartbreak, only one song has been about pure love, the others are pure spite, pain, I feel that it is something that many We identified ourselves, I wrote several about my life, and now I have already begun to guide myself by stories that happen to others, but I am still in the line of heartbreak, I have not been able to get out of there, “he said with a smile.

For anyone who wants to know more about the musical concept of Veronica Seasyou can search for it on all platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Facebook as Verónica MaresMeanwhile in TikTok and Instagram What Veronica Mares Official.

The singer’s greatest dream is to one day step on a stage like the National Auditorium, “Seeing them sing my songs, the best would be, if when you’re at events and people sing with you it feels nice, imagine when you sing your own songs, God has given me the joy of being here, it’s the best”.

Verónica prepares to take her proposal to Guadalajara in Decemberalthough he says that he would love to schedule a concert here in La Laguna, so that his people take care of giving him the little kick of luck.

More plans have the young woman, who also attends her food sales business“both projects go hand in hand, if one is given to us, the other will be given to us, and I would like to continue in business, later on having a restaurant-bar, as well as a dining room so that the most needy can eat there, I have always dreamed of that, since I was a child, and I hope God helps me to have the possibility of creating it as a charity, or an association”.

To finish, Verónica said goodbye with a few words for her countrymen“dare to listen to the independent proposals, support the lagoon scene because we are very lost, because it is painful to see that there are many indifferent people, do not stop giving a like, a share, give yourself the opportunity to discover more what there is within the artist, because one invests in his project and there is a lot of talent here, but there is a lack of support, show more empathy with the lagoon projects, thanks for everything”.


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