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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Danny Trejo teams up with PETA to take care of pets in hot weather

Famed actor Danny Trejo placed a spectacular ad at his local Los Angeles Donuts, trying to remind people not to leave their dogs in cars during hot weather. This might interest you:

Wake Animal Center has eliminated adoption fees so they can adopt more pets. In partnership with animal rights group PETA Latino, this ad was placed near one of their donut shops in California to raise awareness of what pets in enclosed spaces suffer in hot weather.

The ad features Trejo, famous for his character Machete, with all his dogs: The Duke, Sgt. Pepper, John Wesley Hardin and Penny Lane, driving in his car with the windows down. Danny Trejo is trying to prevent dog deaths in cars Temperatures inside a parked car can reach triple digits (in degrees Fahrenheit) in minutes, so Danny Trejo wants to raise awareness so pet owners don’t leave them without ventilation and water. So far this year, 41 dogs have died from heat-related causes and another 210 animals have been rescued from life-threatening situations. Since these numbers only include incidents that have been reported in the media, the true numbers are likely much higher, PETA reported.

PETA is asking anyone who sees a dog in a car with the windows open to write down the vehicle’s color, make, model and license plate number and try to locate the owner at nearby stores and call 911 if necessary. If no one responds, drive proceed to break the glass if necessary. It may interest you: Beagles rescued from a kennel in Virginia arrive in Asheville for what reason?

Reference from lanoticia

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