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Danna Ponce, without economic pretensions in the case against Coco Levy; “Let it be paid with prison if necessary”

Danna Ponce and her lawyer, Edgar Adayareleased some details about the progress of the case, such as the date of the first hearing and what are the claims of the young graduate from the ranks of Televisa.

According to the lawyer in interview for GossipOn June 28, the actress filed a formal complaint with the authorities, which began the investigation folder against the producer and then high command of the Videocine company, since he was already removed from his position.

He also announced that the next 4th of October This year the first hearing of the case will be held, which “accusation is going to be formulated”, that is to say, that the authorities will inform Levy that an investigation will begin against him.

“If it doesn’t go in a justified way, there is a possibility that the hearing may be postponed; however, if he does not go without just cause, it gives rise to the Public Ministry being able to request a summons or arrest warrant, “he explains.

The lawyer reports that Coco Levy and her team of lawyers requested access to the investigation folder; nevertheless, the Public Ministry denied him access “because he is not within the assumptions established by the National Code of Criminal Possibilities”.

As for Danna Ponce, who remotely linked with the Gossip to also give their statementsthe actress assures that she has not received threats from Coco Levy, but on social networks from “false profiles”.

He also clarified that He does not intend to reach any type of agreement or arrangement out of court: “We are not going to reach agreements. From day one, when I made the legal complaint, I said that this was going to reach its final consequences“.

“ANDWe are looking for prison to be paid if necessary or as dictated“, he assures.”I want him to be imprisoned that the punishment be paid as the law dictates, I am not expecting any economic issue in this case; this fight is for womenis from a woman to the women in the middle, and keep fighting… let them fall one by one if necessary”.

As for other alleged victims of Coco Levy, Danna acknowledges that “mobility has been lost” and the “connection” so that communication with the other girls who accused on social networks and can carry out a “collective complaint” against the producer.

Finally, his lawyer advanced what can happen in the event that elements are found, Precautionary measures may arrive such as “justified preventive detention”.


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