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Danna Paola suffers an incident for the duration of a concert and ends up with a bandaged head

Even though a couple times back Danna Paola had to postpone one particular of her concert events on the XT4S1S tour, the famed last but not least started out her shows in Guadalajara, nevertheless, the singer he experienced a tiny incident that caused him to stop up with a bandaged head.

Danna Paola appeared this November 11 in entrance of her followers from Guadalajara and equally she and her followers they have been really enthusiastic to ultimately see the tour that I experienced prepared so a great deal also an actress, but at some issue Danna suffered a mishap.

What took place to Danna Paola?

Right until now it is identified that Danna Paola was singing one of her tunes and seemingly he strike his eyebrow, causing it to open up. They immediately entered paramedics to examine on her and the concert had to end for a few minutes.

The good news is, almost nothing took place to majors and inspite of the point that they placed a bandage on his head, the well-known as a expert decided to conclusion her present.

By numerous photos that circulate on social networks, Danna Paola is observed with a bandaged head when She retains a stuffed toy of Dr Simi dressed in one of the outfits worn by the actress.

In a online video recorded by a admirer, Danna Paola edefined to all those attending the concert that he hit with his knee and his eye swelled up.

“I am likely to convey to you what transpired. When I backed up I think I strike my knee and my eye began to swell, I stopped looking at, but I saved heading and Emiliano begun telling me… and I: ‘Shit… this is enormous, I have a ball ‘ But it would not issue, we’re likely to observe him.”

At last, Danna Paola described that the doctor he required to get her to the medical center, but she wouldn’t let him because he desired to finish the live performance, while it did close time earlier than predicted.

“After every little thing I have been by way of these months, I am not going to leave this stage and I have a Simi. Disgrace on this, but the demonstrate need to go on and I can sing, I am great. The doctor needed to acquire me to the clinic, but he was not going to enable that. I assure you that I will give my greatest right until my wellbeing permits it.”


Reference from www.milenio.com

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