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Danna Paola spoke of collaboration with Alex Hoyer and her father-in-law: “At some point we will do a family show”

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer’s father (Photo: IG dannapaola/losterricolasofficial)

Danna Paola is experiencing one of the sweetest stages of his life, both personally and professionally, because in addition to continuing his courtship with Alex Hoyer, is also celebrating the total sale of tickets for his concert in Mexico City as part of his tour XT4S1S.

On this occasion the interpreter who gave life to Lucrecia Montesinos in Elite prior to his flight to Peru where he will appear at together in concertshared some impressions with the Mexican press about everything that has recently happened in his life.

In this context, the famous Mexican singer answered some questions about her relationship with Alex Hoyer -who will also appear in Together in concert-, during his brief stay at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Happy with life, we are doing wonderful things, he is with his project, I am very proudI admire him very much, he is working wonderful things, and well, the support between two human beings I think is infinite”, he remarked for the Mexican press.

(Instagram photo: @dannapaola)
(Instagram photo: @dannapaola)

Since her relationship with the 25-year-old was announced, one of the questions that persisted in the press was her relationship with Nestor Daniel Hoyerfather of the interpreter of super girl and who is recognized in the artistic environment for being the vocalist of the group The Earthlings.

It should be remembered that Alex Hoyer’s father at the time asked for the opportunity to collaborate with the famous Mexican. In this sense and during her meeting with the media from the AICM, Danna Paola spoke of her admiration for him and did not close the possibility of a “family” collaboration.

I love my father-in-law with all my being, and I respect and admire him a lot, my dad and he basically also grew up together on stage, and it’s crazy, and fate knows, right? at some point we will do a family show I think”, highlighted the Mexican actress before saying goodbye to the press.

It was at the beginning of June when the vocalist of the group The Earthlings shared with windowing his desire to share the stage with the singer of hits like Bad Fame, Hey Pablo or Sodium.

“I do not rule out, in this race no possibility is ruled out, not only of doing a duet with Danna, imagine! for me it would be an honor to join a new generation with that time, I find an interesting fusion”, said Néstor last June.

“In fact, I already recorded a song with my son Alex and my daughter Daneli called Vivirás, which was the song that opened the doors for us, and I already recorded it with the two of them, it’s about to come out too, but if there is an opportunity to do something with Dannita, it would be a pleasure”, he evoked.

Photo: @dannapaola / IG - @alexhoyer_ / IG.
Photo: @dannapaola / IG – @alexhoyer_ / IG.

In this framework, the well-known Mexican singer He also delved into the possibilities of marriage between the couple.

“I think they need to know each other more, we need to see how this world is right now, how it is merging, but hey, they will decide in the future if there can be a wedding or not, but the important thing is that right now at least they are getting to know each other, “he said to Windowing.

After his intervention with the flagship afternoon program of aztec tv, the singer of pieces like Mourning in my soul, today I confess to you either stop crying little girl received widespread criticism from some social media users, who did not hesitate to point out that Néstor Daniel was trying to take advantage of the fame of Danna Paola.


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